What Is the Key Ingredient To A Happy Relationship?

Cultivating a sense of self-love is very important for your overall well-being. This School of Love video highlights why the relationship we have with ourselves is the most important one we build, and why it also determines the quality of our relationships with others. 

Unconditional love for ourselves is often missing.

Even though it may not seem intentional, we sometimes fall in love or have feelings towards other people as a way of escaping from ourselves. When it comes to finding a happy, healthy, and fulfilling relationship, what’s crucial to understand is that the key ingredient is unconditional loving-kindness we offer ourselves. If a lack of self-love and negative experiences in relationships is what you’re used to, it might feel more comfortable to be disliked, ignored, or treated poorly. Receiving affection can feel like a prize we don’t believe we deserve.

Loving yourself improves your relationships.

The key is to amp up our self-love and ward off self-hatred within our selves. When self-love is abundant, it’s easier to accept that someone else loves us. We don’t question that they love us and we respect and love them more for it. Loving ourselves can be the kindest and most romantic things we can do for our partners.

Self-love is the most important aspect of having an incredible relationship. Enjoy the journey to self-love and know that it’s a daily practice. It’s an ever-evolving aspect of our life that we will continue to discover and grow in.

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