What To Read After A Breakup: You Are A Badass By Jen Sincero


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By Laura Yates

This is a must-read if you need to make major changes in your life. Jen Sincero's book "You Are A Badass" isn’t specifically about breakups or relationships, but it will definitely give you a new sense of possibility and opportunity after going through one.

With chapters titled "Self-Perception is a Zoo," "Your Brain is a Bitch," and "Meditation 101", it covers serious content in a fun way. Sincero will take you through her journey of hitting rock bottom and explain how she used that as a catalyst to change her life. She also explains how to get to the core of your beliefs and recognize self-limiting thoughts.

It wasn’t until she was in her 40s that she started to make these massive changes. She was previously victim to self-sabotaging behaviors. Her story is proof that you can change your life at any age.

This book is excellent at is helping you to define boundaries, which have such an impact on the relationships you choose to engage in. As Sincero says, “When we’re happy and all in love with ourselves, we can’t be bothered with the bullshit (our own or other people’s)." 

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Laura Yates

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