What To Watch After A Breakup: Glow


By Laura Yates

If you’re looking to watch something totally feel-good which captures the essence of female empowerment then definitely give Glow a shot! It’s about female wrestlers in the 1980s and is a remake of a documentary, using its own inspiration to create fictional characters and storylines to make the narrative a little more spicy.

If you’re a fan of spandex, 80’s tunes, big hair and women truly doing it for themselves (but in a non stereo-type way), you won’t be disappointed!

Here are 5 reasons why you should add Glow to your watchlist!

1) It shows diversity. In a world where the ‘ideal body’ can be thrown at us left, right and center, Glow does an excellent job of showing all body types and women of all backgrounds and cultures as empowering, strong and sexy. It just helps you feel better about embracing your real self.

2) It explores female independence. Even though this is portrayed via wresting and a specific experience, it’s relatable in a much broader way too. The show really hones in on Ruth and Debbie's relationship and that although men are involved, their lives don’t revolve around men or getting a man’s approval. It’s more about them focusing on themselves and their goals. Even though the friendship becomes compromised, we see Ruth especially; grow when it comes to finding her passion and purpose in her own right. Ultimately all the women in the show represent strength and capability in their own unique way.

3) It shows us you don’t to be ‘hard’ or ‘fierce’ to be strong. The world of entertainment can sometimes push the idea that being a ‘strong woman’ means being hardened and totally resilient. Glow instead, presents the female characters as real humans who are strong both physically and in their character but still have those vulnerabilities and insecurities.

4) It empowers us to see that you can create your own luck and reality. The characters work hard for their place and they chose to break the mould of the typical Hollywood casting process. There’s a lot to be said for how we can apply that idea in the everyday world too. You don’t have to wait to be selected or turn yourself into something you’re not to be successful or pursue your passion.

5) The music, fashion and hair! 80’s tunes, huge hair, leotards and leg warmers, neon…what’s not to love! The show also looks at the origins of many of the costumes, which also gives it that added element of thought and purpose.

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Laura Yates

Laura is a coach, writer and speaker specialising in helping people to bounce back, relieve stress in their lives, heal and transform their everyday. Laura has been featured in VICE, Glamour, Match.com, Eharmony and the Daily Mail plus others.

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