What To Watch After Your Breakup: Crazy Ex Girlfriend


By Laura Yates

This show is a real treat if you are a fan of comedy and musicals as it fuses both together in a funny portrayal of what it means to be truly obsessed with your ex boyfriend.

The series follows a highly stressed, anxious and depressed Rebecca Bunch (played by Rebecca Bloom), who leaves New York to West Covina, California. All in the pursuit of happiness and rekindling the relationship with a long-lost ex boyfriend Josh from summer camp 16 years ago.

Crazy Ex Girlfriend can feel cringingly relatable in terms of how far we’ll go to make someone like us and while being incredibly funny with musical numbers (a personal favorite being 'Heavy Boobs'!), it’s also highly poignant at times too, tapping into sensitive issues such as depression, alcohol abuse, body image, unrequited love (in love and friendship) and jealousy.

What this show also does, is keep it real. Movies, books and TV shows can lead us to buy into the belief that love is the answer; that it fixes everything. Of course, these things wouldn’t be entertaining if there wasn’t some kind of struggle involved but Crazy Ex Girlfriend doesn’t glorify the reality. Instead it shows how Josh and Rebecca ultimately just want to be loved but that there are always going to be issues around that, which most humans have. Being together doesn’t fix that emotional chaos. 

Great writing, an excellent cast, funny songs and one-liners make this such a binge-worthy show, perfect for your post-breakup Netflix lineup. 

If you've seen it, do you recommend it?

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Laura Yates

Laura is a coach, writer and speaker specialising in helping people to bounce back, relieve stress in their lives, heal and transform their everyday. Laura has been featured in VICE, Glamour, Match.com, Eharmony and the Daily Mail plus others.

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