What To Watch After Your Breakup: Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce


By Laura Yates

Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce is a comedy set in Los Angeles that explores how complicated separation can be - especially when it comes to children, hectic careers and feeling like you have to be ‘everything to everyone.'

Here are 5 things we love about this show and why we recommend you add it to your binge list:

Yes it's about divorce, but it's not just about divorce!

It gives a pretty well rounded view of the complexities of breakups, divorce and separation. While the show mainly follows the lives of Abby and Jake, it also puts a good spotlight on other characters too. We see Abby completely reinvent herself following her separation with Jake at the same time as witnessing Lyla’s fierce power struggle battle with her ex-husband Dan. We also see the evolution of Phoebe’s complicated relationship with her ex and the manifestation of her codependence issues. It also touches on sexual freedom and managing the financial consequences of divorce.

It gets you thinking about your own relationships.

It asks the questions we all ask about breakups, marriage and divorce. The show illustrates how challenging divorce can be; especially when there is still a lot of love present between the two people, like with Abby and Jake. They’ve grown apart and ultimately, their paths are going in different directions. A question that we can easily battle with, is whether the end of a relationship (and particularly divorce) is a failure or just a relationship that didn’t work out? What would happen if you tried that one last time? Would you be happier without them? It helps us to understand that these questions are completely normal and that we’ll never have answers for everything.

It shows you that there is life after divorce, and that romantic relationships aren't everything.

Girlfriends' Guide shows the ups and downs of rebuilding your life after a breakup. In many ways, Abby thrives from leaning on her career as a writer and public figure to help her through. Her business and the reinvention of her brand (driven by her experience of divorce) give her a lifeline, despite its challenges. And much like Sex and the City, her friends stand by her through all the ups and downs.

It’s funny! 

Even though the themes are serious, this is not a serious show. It's hysterical at times, and it's mostly light hearted, which makes it a safe binge-worthy show post-breakup.

It delves into dating as an adult.

Most of the women in the show are in their forties and it’s refreshing to see this perspective portrayed in a show, especially as all the women have carved out unique paths for themselves. The show depicts how insecurities, mistakes and the need for exploration never go away, regardless of how old you are. And that dating can be fun, adventurous, unpredictable and exciting no matter what your age or your past relationship history!

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Laura Yates

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