What We Learned About Breaking Up From David Dobrik And Liza Koshy's Breakup Video


By Katerina Torres

We’ve had some time to lick our wounds after YouTubers David Dobrik and Liza Koshy announced their break up in a video published back in June. Now that we’ve had a month or so to recover—because let’s be real, who didn’t cry while watching it—we’re taking another look with fresh eyes. The two may still be "so young," as they make mention to in their video, but they’ve got some wisdom the rest of us could definitely stand to learn.

In a breakup you don’t just lose a boyfriend/girlfriend, you’re often leaving behind a best friend too. Losing their friendship is something Liza and David don’t plan on. And if they’re able to handle it even ¼ as graceful as they have their breakup, they’ll remain best friends for awhile. But how exactly can they manage to make this work?

For starters, they didn’t have a bitter breakup. Neither of them did anything to particularly hurt the other. They parted ways because they felt they were living separate lives, and Liza also felt like she needed to focus on herself for awhile. They have both accepted the breakup without making the other feel guilty or responsible for it. You can’t remain friends with an ex if there’s something either of you will hang over the other’s head all the time.

Their open communication is also to credit for their relationship and post-breakup friendship. Instead of Liza holding back about how she was truly feeling, she shared it very candidly with David. You can tell while watching the video that there are no secrets about why Liza broke up with him. This allows them to continue being silly with one another, even during very vulnerable moments.

That’s the most important lesson we can take from the pair: never lose yourself, no matter the situation. While fighting back tears throughout most of the video, they still manage to make light of the situation, poking fun at each other, making their usual jokes. They agree that breakups suck, but still embrace who they are while looking forward to who they’ll be.

Not all of us are this good at breakups, but David and Liza give us hope that a breakup doesn’t always have to be the worst thing that ever happened to us. Sometimes a breakup can be a beautiful transformative experience that you can embrace. 

Watch the whole video for more teachable moments.

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Katerina Torres

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