Why Breakups Are New Beginnings


"It’s unfortunate, but the sleepless nights, the nervous stomachs and the pages upon pages of tragically written poetry are where we discover who we are.  It’s never when things are going perfectly that we think to stop and ask ourselves, ‘What do I really want? What would really make me the happiest?'  Heartbreak, as dreadful and undesirable as it is, acts as the entrance to a truer, more fitting partner."

-Danielle on why heartbreak is just the beginning of your love story. (elitedaily.com)

"If you are having a tough time remembering what you—as an individual—love to do, reaching back in time to a place before you were in your relationship can be helpful. Ask yourself questions such as: 'What did I like to do for fun when I was younger?' 'What did I like to do for fun when I first moved to the city?' 'How would I really like to spend a free hour now?'"

-Molly on 5 ways to reclaim your life after a breakup (themuse.com)

"Relationships that do not work out are not failures. Nor are they a waste of time. They are meant to happen to prepare you to become the person you were meant to be. And this sets you up to encounter the next person you will meet."

-Amy on why breakups are new beginnings (huffingtonpost.com)