You Are My Bridge: A Poem


By Chrissy Kelly


You are my bridge. We’re halfway, slightly touching, gazing into the abyss, mesmerized, mist tickling our faces and hearts.

You are my bridge for navigating stormy waters. Clasped together, swept away, we’re cautious with steps and hearts.

You are my bridge to dispose of pain. Angry rocks hurled into frozen pits, shatter icy hearts.

You are my bridge to tip-toe uncertainly over rotting planks and dance around gaping holes. Clutching and clinging, hearts afraid of the unknown depths below.

They claim you’re not strong enough anymore. I crossed you one last time. They are tearing you down, someone’s been hurt.

Holding your ground, you’re unable to see where I’ve gone, unable to see which side I’m on, and unable to forgive.

Closed gates and closed hearts; no more entrants permitted.

Here on my side, peering across the emptiness is where my heart will stay.

You are my bridge.

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Chrissy Kelly

Chrissy Kelly is a graduate student and math nerd by day and a closeted interior design fanatic, tea enthusiast, and math nerd by night. She lives in Costa Mesa, CA with her shoes and her books, just trying to keep her houseplant alive.