Support your teams.


Burnout is not a new problem, but the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent onset of remote work has brought this issue to a fever pitch. 

Many employees across industries cite that they are struggling with exhaustion, motivation and productivity.

Mend for Burnout can help. We offer live virtual trainings for teams as well as ongoing support through our app. If you’d like know how we work with companies, get in touch.

We also have a short video that can help: 5 Ways To Support Your Burned Out Team. 

Here’s what we cover in the video presentation:

  • Why burnout has become a mental health crisis.
  • Recent survey data on burnout
  • What groups of people are at high risk for burnout
  • What burnout is and how it changes the brain
  • The annual cost of burnout to employers
  • 5 ways to support your burned out team
  • How Mend can help your team