The Mend 30

We believe everyone deserves to cultivate and nourish a love life of their own choosing.

We believe relationship health and sexual health set the foundation for a happy and healthy life.

We believe compassion and emotional intelligence are the currencies of the future.

The Mend 30 share this vision and work every day to make it a reality. This list isn’t about money, power or business influence, and this list isn’t about being below a certain age. We are proud to present The Mend 30 of 2018, a compassionate and influential group of innovators, creators, academics and storytellers who are opening the hearts and minds of society.

Karamo_brown Esther_perel Rupi_kaur Helen_fisher Cleo_wade Gary_chapman Anna_faris Katherine_woodward_thomas Daniel_jones Bell_hooks Ty_tashiro Whitney_wolfe_herd Dan_savage Orion_carloto Lola_tash Nicole_argiris Polly_rodriguez Karley_sciortino Shan_+boodram Bryony_cole Lo_stein Terry_miller Sharon_donnelly_love Mari_andrew Gabrielle_korn Natalie_patterson Ms_fitz Talia_goldstein Naz_perez Lenea_sims

About Mend

At Mend, we are reinventing the way people take care of themselves during difficult times. We do this through our iOS app, which is like a personal trainer for heartbreak. You can download Mend in the App Store and follow us on Instagram @letsmend.

The Mend 30 Dinner

Whole Hearts For Everyone