Whole hearts for everyone.

Our Philosophy

There is an art tradition in Japan called kintsugi, where broken pottery is mended with gold so that the cracks are illuminated, not hidden. The belief is that the pottery is more beautiful for having been broken. We believe the same is true of broken hearts. We believe that you can not only mend, but thrive, after a breakup. We believe an end, in whatever form it takes, is just the beginning of rebuilding the life and love you want.


A Letter From Our Founder

Not too long ago, I was going through a breakup and looking online for help. I found a lot of cliche advice, but nothing that resonated with me. So I set out to build a site I would use myself: letsmend.com. After connecting with thousands of heartbroken people all over the world, I realized that there was more work to do. Content was helpful, but what people really wanted was more personalized support. In July 2016, Mend for iOS launched and it's the first of its kind: a personal trainer for heartbreak. With our app, we are reinventing the way people mend broken hearts. I'm so thankful that you're along for the journey.

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Elle Huerta
Founder & CEO
Tamiz Ahmed
Chief Technology Officer