How to Cope with Loneliness After A Breakup


Laura Yates

After a breakup, we begin to notice all the ways in which the mundane actions of our days have changed. We notice how we don’t see the sun set at a certain spot because we are no longer driving a certain route, one that we would take to get to our ex’s home. At the grocery store, we no longer pick up our ex’s favorite snack that we always liked to surprise them with when we came over. And our bed suddenly feels much larger. We check our phones and notice just how long its been since our last interaction – long. And suddenly, in floods loneliness.

These feelings are normal. And sometimes, unfortunately, we have to feel them. It is our reaction, however, to this loneliness that helps us rise through sadness. And somewhere in that rising, something special happens: we learn new things about ourselves.

Below we’ve rounded up some great perspective on loneliness after a breakup. Stay strong.

“I do wish I had someone to laugh with when I spot an enthusiastic-looking golden retriever lapping up muddy water from a puddle between the cobblestones. But, I also know that being alone right now doesn’t mean I’m going to be alone forever. And, for me, those pangs of loneliness serve as reminders of my priorities — and that the people I want in my life are ones who notice weird-looking dogs.

I hadn’t spoken to anyone the entire day, but I didn’t feel sad. Instead, I felt privileged to be able to observe the world around me — going on without me — and being able to totally lose myself in myself. I was able to do what I wanted, when I wanted. I was lonely, yes, but I was also happy.”

– Ann Davies on how she can be lonely and happy at the same time. (

“If you are actually afraid of being single — subconsciously or not — you need to focus on the major self-esteem issues you may have been ignoring. You owe it to yourself to become as strong as you can be on your own two feet.”

– Courtney Wregget on the importance of being able to be okay alone. (

“I will continue on with positive affirmations, appreciations of the blessing I have, and realization that the present moment is the only reality. I will continue meditating, reading positive articles, and spreading joy and positivity to others in the only way I know how: being honest and vulnerable about my own struggles.”

– Katie DeMartino on how affirmations and living in the present helped her during bouts of loneliness. (

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