How to mend from heartbreak

Turn your breakup into a breakthrough


Close your eyes and imagine what it would feel like if...

  • You weren't fighting the urge to text your ex every day
  • You knew how to cope with the intrusive "what if" and "why" thoughts about your breakup
  • You had the tools to mend from heartbreak in a healthy way
  • You deepened your relationship with yourself and started showing up as the most confident version of yourself
  • You actually felt excited to date again
  • You felt more prepared for your next relationship
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That version of you already exists. Within you is a well of wisdom.

You are more resilient than you ever imagined. You have the power to mend from this breakup in a way that best serves you and the life you want to create for yourself.

That’s where Mend comes in

Mend’s compassionate and comprehensive breakup program pulls together the most effective tools from psychology, mindfulness, coaching, nutrition, and scientific research to support you as you mend from heartbreak. Our signature program includes 390+ audio trainings and journal prompts, two ebooks, and other resources to help you get on the mend.

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This course is for you if...

You’re still texting, calling, or seeing your ex and it’s making it harder to let go

You want to understand why heartbreak hurts so badly and why you miss your ex so much

You’re overwhelmed by the loneliness

You feel like the breakup impacted your confidence

You're seeking closure, but can't seem to get it

You're ruminating often

You're asking yourself a lot of "what if" and "why" questions

You're overwhelmed by the idea of having to start over with someone else

You were excited to build a life with your ex and feel like the breakup is a major setback

But you want to...

Feel confident in yourself and your ability to create a life you're proud of

Show up as your best self in your other relationships

Actually enjoy your season of singleness

Know yourself on a deeper level

Feel more prepared before your next relationship

Feel ready to get back out there and start dating again

Feel hopeful about love again

Put yourself first by prioritizing your self care practices

Wake up each day full of self love

What to expect

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On demand trainings

This is a self-paced program designed to support, not overwhelm you. Listen to multiple audio trainings at once or take it one day at a time–it's up to you. You'll have lifetime access to our library of 390+ trainings, so you can revisit any training at any time.

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Evidence-based practices

This program was developed by wellness, mindfulness, and mental health experts. Each audio training is followed by a journal prompt to help you reflect on the learnings from the training and how it relates to your own experience.

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You don't have to go through this breakup alone. Community support is such an important part of the mending journey. When you purchase this course, you'll gain lifetime access to The Menders Club community on Facebook so you can connect with other Menders.

What the program covers

Enroll - $275

Frequently asked questions

What do I need to access the class?

Internet connection and a way to listen to audio trainings (headphones or your laptop/computer speakers).

When does the class begin?

Whenever you decide! This is a self-paced class that you can begin and end whenever you’re ready, and you can come back and review lectures whenever you need.

What’s the refund policy?

We don’t offer refunds on classes, so we recommend that you read through the class description material in detail to make sure this class will meet your needs.

When I purchase this program, will I be able to access it in the Mend app?

Our online programs are not accessible in the Mend App, these are separate products and offer a different user experience. The online program offers on-demand, lifetime access to our entire library of trainings on mending from heartbreak.

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