New Year, New Episode of Love is Like a Plant!


Team Mend

Happy New Year, Menders! Elle and Sarah B have just released a new podcast episode of “Love is Like a Plant”. It’s the first one of the year and also their three year podcast anniversary!

Have you reviewed your previous year yet? It’s so important to reflect on how life has been going for you. Sarah B and Elle encourage everyone to examine what makes them happiest based on what they learned the previous year, so that your goals really help you to grow on multiple levels, not just based on future success. They also stress the importance of being deliberate about making room for the things you may have missed out on and pushed aside, like building strong social support with family and friends. Sometimes, this may mean you have to alter your lifestyle, but it’s definitely a worthwhile change!

Find out the drastic change Elle made in order to implement her New Year’s resolution, and learn how fighting her reflexes is creating time in her life. Find out how journaling helps Sarah B to stop drifting with the flow and start being more intentional about where she is going. If you’ve ever wondered about the power of manifestation, Elle is a huge advocate and tells you exactly why that is in this new episode of “Love is Like a Plant”! You can listen to the episode on iTunes or on Soundcloud, and be sure to send it to a friend who could use some advice on creating happiness in the New Year.

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