Ten Travel Communities For Women


Katerina Torres

Nothing will ease the butterflies in your stomach before your first solo trip. What will I do? Will I be safe? Where should I go first? But there are so many female travel communities created to make traveling alone feel less stressful and more exciting. Before you let the solo travel jitters get the best of you, take a look at our round up of some of the best travel communities for women. Each offers unique services, insights, and ways to connect with like-minded women. We know you’ll be packing your bags soon after getting through this list.


Wanderful is a travel community made up of over 40,000 women and offers travel tips and a homesharing network. Not sure what to do on your visit to Iceland? Check out their guide. Their itineraries will help you build your own for your next solo trip.

Girls vs. Globe

Girls vs. Globe is a community of nearly 20,000 women who share their struggles and achievements with one another on their main Facebook group. It’s a great resource for getting a heads up on some frequently asked travel questions. There are also three subgroups: couchsurfing, writers, and contributors.

Girls Love Travel

Girls Love Travel is an excellent resource for planning new adventures as its community of over 750,000 women have plenty of travel knowledge to spare. The community is incredibly active in their Facebook group, and you’ll find plenty of helpful content on their website. What makes GLT standout is its subgroups, where you can connect with women you can relate to!

Pink Trotters

Pink Trotters has great travel guides for where to eat, sleep, and play while visiting a new city, especially in Europe. You won’t want to miss out on their tips when you set out to plan your next European adventure.

The Solo Female Travel Network

If you haven’t travelled abroad often or alone, you might be worried about how to connect with locals. The Solo Female Travel Network has you covered with tips on how to connect with a new culture beyond surface level. This network also counts on over 200,000 women sharing solo travel advice with one another.


Location-independent women should definitely bookmark Behere. They’ll help you find a place to live, work, and workout in 15 cities all over the world. Behere has vetted the fully furnished apartments they’ll help you book and have made sure to secure apartments in the best neighborhoods so you can feel safe while living somewhere new. We partnered with Behere for our Mend Away: Self retreat that we hosted in Barcelona in October 2019.

Girl Gone International

Girl Gone International has a Facebook group for almost every country, which means tons of travel advice from female travelers. This community has been growing and thriving since 2010, embracing its multi-local and digital community.

Digital Nomad Girls

Digital Nomad Girls’ mission is to make the digital nomad life less lonely. If you find location-independent working to be lonely, isolating, and unproductive, you’ll want to check out the DNG Inner Circle. It’s a virtual coworking community that will allow you to connect with like-minded women, keep each other accountable, and grow your global community.

On She Goes

On She Goes is the go-to travel site for women of color. The post “Heal Thyself: Why Self-Care Should Be at the Top of Your Travel Checklist” is a must-read if you’re planning on making traveling a way of life. And don’t miss out on their guides to Chicago, Portland, Los Angeles, and New York City, which all have the cultural twist that’s often missing from most travel guides.

Women Who Travel

Conde Nast’s Women Who Travel is a wonderful resource full of incredible women and their travel stories. It’s also a great place to uncover destinations that should be added to your bucket list asap. We’re especially inspired by this piece about Jessica Nabongo, who’s on the quest to be the first black woman to visit every country.

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