10 Ways To Get Reacquainted With Yourself


Jessica Munoz

In The Artist’s Way, author Julia Cameron talks of the necessary time artists must carve out to get reacquainted with themselves and to nurture their creative consciousness. She refers to this time spent alone as a “play date” – that is, a play date with yourself. She promises that committing to these play dates facilitates a sense of self-intimacy. To be intimate with one’s own self is so special and important for all – heartbroken and wholehearted.

If you’ve been finding yourself with a little more alone time lately, rest assured that there is no need to feel lonely. That only means that you have more time to get to know yourself better, to treat yourself and to pass time genuinely enjoying your own company. Here are fun ways you can take yourself on a play date.

1. Mix up your workout routine

“‘I really regret that workout I just had,’ said no one ever.” As cornball as that quote is, it’s completely true. Working out makes us feel great, empowered and ready the seize the day. Luckily, there are so many avenues of fitness to try out. ClassPass is a great way to sample a variety of fitness studios, so you’ll never have to worry about being bored during a workout.

2. Create a garden

Not only are gardens beautiful to look at, but research shows that they are also mood-boosting. Whether you have a yard full of plants, a couple pots of flowers on your desk, or even herbs growing on your kitchen window sill, tending to nature and being responsible for its growth is rewarding. Reap the benefits of what you sow. For starters, here is tutorial on how you can make your own succulent wall-garden (sunset.com).

3. Unleash your inner artist

Let the creative within shine. Ever have a passion project you thought of once but never got around to doing? Make it happen. I suggest taking a trip to your local art store and get lost in it. Here some DIY wall art ideas (buzzfeed.com).

4. Tidy up your life

Take care of the space you live in. I know this doesn’t sound like much of a play date, but you’ll be surprised of how transformed you’ll feel after organizing and loving your space. I recommend The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up to help you get a jump-start (tidyingup.com).

5. Visit a museum

The magical thing about museums is their ability to transport you (for hours!) to what seems like another world. Can’t make it to a museum? Feast your eyes on these art related articles (livefastmag.com).

6. Try something new in the kitchen

Go to your local farmers market and go wild with the fresh stuff! Here are a ton delicious recipes to try out (smittenkitchen.com).

7. Journal in public

Journals have always been treasures of mine. I find that journaling in different places, around people, is very fresh and inspiring. Go ahead and people-watch and create stories!

8. Indulge in a spa day

We mustn’t forget to pamper ourselves and give every nook and cranny of our bodies some attention. Here are some tips on how to create the perfect bubble bath. If you’re feeling extra courageous, strip down at a nearby Jimjilbang spa. I promise you’ll leave feeling rejuvenated and with the most touchable skin – that’s right, give your own self a hug! (nymag.com)

9. Luxuriate in a scenic walk

Walks are severely underrated. Whenever I have free time, my initial thought is to take a walk and explore my neighborhood, taking note of all the little things around me that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.

10. Go to the theaters

There is nothing more enjoyable than waking up on a Saturday, grabbing a coffee and your favorite pastry, and setting off to the theater to watch a matinee showing of the movie of your choice. This is a moment of absolute escapism, so make a nice moment out of it! And the best part? No need to share your movie snacks.

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