10 Single Guys Share How They Spend Valentine's Day


Kate Paguinto

Let’s be real. Valentine’s Day was made for couples and single women. If you’re not out celebrating with your significant other, you’re probably having a Girls Night Out or spending Galentine’s Day at home.

I don’t know what it is about February 14th that makes being a single lady so difficult. I mean in all fairness you were just as single yesterday and you’ll probably be just as single tomorrow. (Wow, Kate. Calm down.)

Do guys have to deal with this stuff? Do they get just as bummed out about being single on V-Day as girls do?

Well, I asked the question so you don’t have to. Here are 10 single guys on how they spend Valentine’s Day:

“I just got out of a relationship so I’ll probably spend some time with my roommate and watch some TV and enjoy the dessert aspect of Valentine’s Day. Maybe slide into some girls’ DM’s.”
-Jeremy, 20

“I’m buying my crush a bunch of flowers and playing a game of super-flirting.”
-Gil, 26

“Well for me, it’s never really been something I’ve thought about. I have experience having someone for it and also being single for it. If I don’t have someone for it, I try to spend quality time with friends and family and to simply think about it as another day. I personally think it’s a day we shouldn’t really despise like most people do. It’s a great way for loved ones to feel extra special and I really respect that idea. Whether I’m single or with someone, I really try not to make as much of a deal about it as some people may. I try not to let things like that affect me.”
-Brandon, 21

“This Valentine’s day will be with friends at a Valentine’s Day event. We might go to a wine tasting or a brewery. Just a bunch of single dudes sipping wine.”
-Paul, 34

“Most single guys will say that Valentine’s Day doesn’t affect them in any way. Well, they’re lying. The truth is it makes single people feel lonely in some way. I like to remind myself that Valentine’s Day is a man-made holiday, and that’s why I plan on treating it as a normal day. Even if you’re in a relationship, one day out of the year shouldn’t mean that you should treat your significant other any other way than you normally would. As a single man, every day is for me. As a non-single guy, everyday is for me and my significant other. No single day should make a difference.”
-Omid, 20

“This will be my first time in a long time being single on Valentine’s Day. I have a friend who’s turning 21 on the 14th so I’m gonna go out with him and some other people and get him drunk.”
-David, 21

“Wallow in regret and then prepare yourself for next year by adopting an animal, going to the gym and becoming a vegetarian. Those are all things girls like, right? Usually [I do] what most other people nowadays do on Valentine’s Day. Go on Tinder and look for someone to make them feel useful. That’s honestly reality.”
-Paul, 22

“Okay, well I do one of two things: I either spend the week beforehand flirting with a girl so I have something to do on Valentine’s Day or I find another mutually single friend and hang out. Avoid movies, malls, fancy restaurants and wait for all the chocolate to go on sale the next day.”
-Cody, 23

“I would have Single Awareness Day with single friends and watch chick flicks. Single people only! When friends in relationships ask if they can come, I’d say no because they have a boo. Oh, and wine and cheese. You gotta have wine and cheese when watching chick flicks. And single. You can be sad together.”
-Francis, 27

“I just go about like any other day. I mean, it’s not like Halloween or Christmas where people go places. Couples do. You don’t really notice that it’s a holiday. Even when I’m with a girl, I just get dinner and I buy them stuff.”
-Scott, 21

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