10 Ways To Comfort A Heartbroken Friend This Holiday Season


Elle Huerta

Sometimes it's hard to know how to help someone who's heartbroken, but know that being there for a friend is priceless. Here are 10 ways you can offer a friend comfort if they're going through a breakup:

1) Be There To Listen

Just being there to listen to your friend will help so much more than trying to offer a solution or fix what they’re feeling. Be there when they want to cry, let them talk about their ex and offer them an open space to share how they’re feeling. Having someone to vocalize their feelings to without judgment is incredibly healing.

2) Send Them A Heartfelt Message Every Morning

Morning can be one of the loneliest and saddest times of the day when heartbroken, especially if your friend was used to texting a lot with their ex. Give your friend a boost by sending them a text telling them why you love them and why they’re an amazing person. Words of encouragement go a long way.

3) Plan A Holiday Movie Night In

There's nothing better than closing the curtains, lighting candles, putting on comfy pajamas, diving into a box of chocolates, and watching funny holiday movies. Make an extra effort to make low-key plans with your friend during the holidays because it can be a stressful time for the newly single.

4) Try Something New Together

Take a dance class, plan a trip, or go to an event. Creating a new memory together not only takes your friend’s mind off their breakup, but it’s also a bonding experience and boosts your endorphins.

5) Prepare A Self-Care Gift Package

Put a package together filled with your friend’s favorite things. Choose beauty or wellness products, healthy snacks, a hand-written note, a journal, calming teas - anything that will give your friend a feel-good boost and remind her to take care of herself.

6) Be The Voice Of Reason

If you’ve been through a breakup yourself, you’ll know that it’s easy to make decisions (like texting your ex!) in the heat of the moment. Be a sounding board and offer moral support if your friend has moments of weakness. It’s not about trying to control their actions, but more about being a comforting voice of reason when they’re vulnerable.

7) Make Them A Playlist

Fill a Spotify playlist with songs that will jog happy memories of your friendship and share it with them before any long commutes or trips home.

8) Set New Year Intentions Together

Go to brunch and share your intentions for 2018. This will give your friend something positive to focus on and you can keep each other accountable!

9) Make Plans For NYE

The idea of spending New Year alone after a breakup can feel awful. Plan something for both of you to look forward to. Perhaps get your other friends involved too. Whether it's low key or swanky, spending New Year with your friend is a great way to remind them that being single doesn't mean you have to be completely alone.

10) Go Play In Nature

Exercise and fresh air are amazing for clearing your mind. Spend the day bundled up, grab a hot chocolate and go for a long walk in nature. Jump around and take photos. This can be so much fun and a great relief from the pain of heartbreak.We hope these provide inspiration and just remember that everyone finds comfort and healing in various ways. Don't feel pressured to do or say the 'right' thing. Think about what you needed when you were going through heartbreak, and ask your friend how to be there for them. Ultimately, if your friend knows you care, that's what matters most.

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