Twelve Ways to Get Out of a Funk


Karen Okaka

How many of you get in a funk often? A cycle where you feel nothing is quite working out or things are going haywire? Maybe after a breakup or getting dumped? It could even start as a one-off incident, and then there could be a series of downward spiral crappy events that make you question your existence.

Hopefully, it never gets that bad, but the truth is we often get into sheepish spirals. I get in this mood typically after finishing a big goal, partying too much or engaging in too many empty meaningless conversations.

Essentially, getting into this mood does not wreak havoc, but staying and dwelling in that mood can be disastrous. As a rebel, I often recognize myself quickly sinking there and I try to reflect, think, and understand what in my particular life is leading to this direction. Usually, it is not always obvious.

Here are some techniques to pull yourself of the funk, whether or not you know why you're there yet. A combination of these can put you in the right direction for a 180-degree change.

1. Review your progress on your goals, no matter how small. See how far you have come, and how much more you can focus.

2. Pick up a book, usually a book that invokes taking an action, and persuades you to think differently (Maybe 168 Hours, this will get you thinking about time management.)

3. Take some space for you; to clear your mind, thoughts, and de-clutter

4. Physically clean your space. This can be doing laundry, cleaning your house or office

5. Move your body; exercise really hard for the next week every single day if your body permits

6. Talk to someone you love and ask them to remind you about how awesome you are

7. Make a list of things you are grateful for

8. Organize your budget (Check out Ellevest!)

9. Organize your to-do list for the next week

10. Think hard about what you want your obituary to say. Get up your ass and become that person

11. Watch a Ted Talk on inspiration

12. Laugh – Watch a comedy, go see some stand-up, check out an improv troupe

Lastly, remember nothing in life is permanent. Attack your funk!

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