3 Women Talk About How They Found Themselves Again


Alone time may not feel like a gift right after a breakup, and you may feel that way for a while, but it is a gift. It's just disguised in many layers of sadness, grief, anger, confusion, loneliness and pain.

As you begin to peel back the layers, you will see that this time is your chance to become whole. This is your opportunity to figure out who you really are, not who you are in relation to someone else. 

Explore your thoughts, redefine your dreams, try new things, return to what you used to love, make your own path. Give yourself the freedom to expand and contract until you find the sweet spot of authenticity. Today's stories are inspiration to begin that very important journey...

Jessica on breaking her love addiction and learning to love herself (elitedaily.com)

Mary on the painful but important journey back to herself post-breakup (morethanmary.com)

Sonnet on cultivating self love after the end of her longterm relationship (insonnetskitchen.com)

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