Four Instagram Accounts To Help You Live More Sustainably


Team Mend

In honor of Earth Day, we're encouraging you to take a closer look at the impact your life has on the planet through an app you use everyday - Instagram. To get you inspired and motivated to live more sustainably, here are a few Instagram accounts to get you started.


Erin shows us how a slower, simpler life is possible, and it's beautiful. Her account gives us a glimpse into her Brooklyn life, sharing a small apartment with a growing family. We love her project ideas and small tweaks for living a more sustainable life.


If you don't think about soil that much, this account will change your mind. Follow Kiss The Ground's account to learn more about regenerative farming, a more sustainable way to solve the climate crisis and feed the planet. And be sure to check out their fascinating documentary (narrated by Woody Harrelson), now streaming on Netflix.


Run by a husband and wife team, Wild Minimalist is the account of a zero waste shop in California. They share wonderful advice and inspiration for minimizing your impact through ditching plastic and taking on more of a zero waste lifestyle.


Can you imagine a life without trash? Bea Arthur lives it. She's one of the mothers of the zero waste movement, and her account will inspire you to make small changes that have a huge positive impact on our environment.


We first came across Haley as the founder of Marais, a popular shoe brand that was based in Los Angeles. Since then, she's switched gears and is focused on sustainability. Her feed is as informative as it is beautiful - no surprise from a designer!

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