Four Ways You Can Romance Yourself


Katerina Torres

At surface-level, self-care may be drowned in bubble baths and essential oils, but its core purpose is allowing yourself time to nurture self-love. Whether you’re recovering from a heartbreak or gearing up to jump back into dating, focusing on loving yourself is a worthy investment. No clue where to start? Here are four ways you can romance yourself.

1. Treat Yourself To A New Experience

My Hinge profile reads “My ideal first date…Take me somewhere I’ve never been before.” I appreciate someone’s ability to introduce me to new places, things, foods, and culture, but I don’t have to rely on having a significant other in order to discover new things. There are plenty of guides, bucket lists, and planned retreats out there. Choose one and open yourself up to a new experience.

2. Go Out To Dinner By Yourself

The idea of eating at a restaurant by myself used to make me cringe with awkwardness. Growing up, eating had always been a group activity, not something I ever did alone. One day, after my last breakup, I challenged myself to go out to eat by myself and guess what? I loved it! My meal even tasted better. For me, the flavors of the food were heightened thanks to the lack of distractions. Treat yourself to a romantic dinner for one. You won’t regret it.

3. Do Something That Surprises You

Pick up a book you typically wouldn’t read, watch a movie in a genre you tend to avoid, or say yes to an invitation you would usually skip out on, all in an effort to surprise yourself. You might learn you like something you thought you hated. You could end up uncovering new parts of yourself that were tucked away all this time.

4. Get Pampered

Want to step out of your routine? Swap the regular to-dos for a pampering session. If you usually paint your own nails at home, treat yourself to a mani/pedi. If you blow out your own hair, give your wrist a break and go to your local blow bar. Do you love your weekly face mask treatment? Then upgrade to a spa facial. The goal is to add a little more relaxation to your week.

Now that you've got some ideas on how to date yourself, which are you going to do first?

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