Plant Medicine For Post-Breakup Wellness


Califa Coyote

There are innumerable healing plants on this earth, and we have access to so many of them. The power of plants can offer a boost to your mood, immune system, digestive system – all the systems!

Here are a few of my favorite ways to incorporate plant medicine into your mending process:

1.  Add fresh lemon juice to hot water in the morning  - This is a great way to cleanse + hydrate your system.  And it’s actually alkalizing! Although we think of lemons as acidic, in the body lemon juice can actually have the opposite effect by balancing out the acid and bringing us closer to homeostasis.  Try 1-2 teaspoons of lemon juice in 10 ounces of hot water in the morning. If you are feeling brave (or cold!) add some cayenne to kick up your metabolism.

2. To enhance your mood, make sure you are getting you daily dose of beneficial bacteria - Kombucha, a fermented tea tonic, is an excellent probiotic.  Because of the wonderful interaction the probiotics have in the gut, kombucha helps soothe the nervous system, fighting anxiety and easing depression.   Lavender kombucha is especially soothing. You can find them at your local health store, or make your own! Here’s my recipe.

3. Crush up mint and add it to hot water - Mint is another powerful, easy to use herb that eases your digestive system. Fresh spearmint and peppermint are my favorites. Mint soothes and cools the respiratory system, eases a sore throat, and is a refreshing natural stimulant.  You can buy mint tea at the store as well, but be sure to check the ingredients.  You can easily buy mint with added black or green tea, so be sure to know if you are getting caffeine or not!

4. Add chopped ginger or turmeric to hot water - They are both known to be great anti-inflammatory roots, and since inflammation is the number one symptom of almost every ailment, these are invaluable! If you want a recipe for a strong healing broth with these roots, here is my recipe for a delicious winter root broth.

5.  Kava kava is a wonderfully potent sleep aid!- Brew this tea 5-15 minutes in hot water, add some honey, and feel the tranquil, euphoric effects of this Polynesian root.  Kava kava is not to be fooled with – or consumed during pregnancy. If you find yourself drinking kava every day for a 2-3 months, take at least a few weeks off to give your liver a rest.  I love this herb so much I have created my ownkava dreamtime brewyou can try.

When we use plant medicine regularly we can truly experience the benefits of herbs as part of our daily health ritual. Happy healing!

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