When You're Overwhelmed By Changes You Want To Make In Life


Katrice Greene

There was a point in my life when I felt suffocated by the amount of changes that I wanted to make in my life. I didn’t know where to start. As I looked at the many pages of answers on Google about how to change, I realized that this was a problem I shared with a lot of people.

My list of changes haunted me as it became longer and longer, and honestly, sometimes the list had to take the back burner because life still had to happen. But I always wondered, what if some of those changes could make this whole life 'operation' run a lot smoother?

Not to sound morbid, but just like death, change is never convenient. Change is painful when you are busy living, but change is a choice. You can choose to stop seeing it as an inconvenient task. Instead, see it as a prescription for healing.

Change allows you to transition from just existing to truly living.

So here are five simple steps you can take now to push through the resistance to change:

1. Admit That Something Is Not Working

This is the first step: admitting that something in your life isn’t working. There may be many things on your list of things to change, but choose just one thing to start.

2. Take The Power Into Your Own Hands

Take ownership of this thing that needs to change and challenge yourself to take your healing into your own hands. This will make you feel empowered. Your ability to change does not depend on anyone but you.

3. Build A Positive Environment

Surround yourself with motivation and positive reinforcement. This may include a change of who you spend your time with, reading more positive books, telling yourself positive daily affirmations or writing positive notes on your phone.

4. Leverage Tools To Track Your Progress

You may want to use an app or a low-tech tool (journal) to help you track and organize the progress you are making.

5. Share Your Progress With Others   

Challenge yourself to share your journey, the highs and the lows, because an "audience" (even if it's one other person) will help you remain accountable to change. Sharing your journey authentically and honestly will also motivate, inspire and build up others. Start a blog, keep track of your progress on Instagram with your own hashtag or just check in with a friend over coffee.

It's the perfect time of year to take stock of what's not working and prepare a plan to make a change. So take stock. Embrace your ability to change. And then go do it!

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