5 Tips for Attending Holiday Parties Alone


Katerina Torres

The holiday season is taking over. Lights are being strung and holiday playlists are blasting through headphones all around us. And while the holiday season is full of cheer, no one feels merry when you’re going through heartbreak. When the holiday party invitations start filing in, suddenly not only are you not jolly, but you’re also in a panic.

If you recently got out of a long-term relationship, it’s probably been a while since you attended a party alone. Holiday parties, in particular, have a way of shoving relationships in your face, which makes it twice as difficult to get through them. However, it doesn’t have to be a miserable experience. We want you to enjoy every holiday party, whether you’re single, heartbroken, or both.

The tips below will make each party enjoyable and completely change your perspective on attending parties while single.

Take A Friend

If you don’t have a romantic date, you can always have a friend tag along as your plus one. Your friend will serve as a buffer for you while you get used to going to parties without your usual plus one. It’ll be even more beneficial if you take the social butterfly of your inner circle. They'll do the heavy lifting if you tend to be more of an introvert.

Do Some Planning

Holiday parties are a lot like networking events. You’d never go to a networking event without having in mind who will be at the party and what you could talk about. Take a little bit of the load off your shoulders by preparing a few conversation starters before the party. You’ll be able to spark an interesting dialogue that will keep guests talking.

Get Involved

An easy way to fill the time at a party is to get involved. Whether it’s taking on a task ahead of time or volunteering the night of, having some responsibilities throughout the party will keep you busy and will serve as a talking point. Who doesn’t go up to the person serving chips and dip?

Look for Other Singles

The chances are slim that you’ll be the only person at the party alone. Keep an eye out for other guests that are also solo and engage them in conversation. They are probably just as eager as you are to find someone to talk to throughout the night. Singles stick together.

Lean on The Host

It’s the host’s responsibility to make everyone feel comfortable and welcomed. A good host will make sure that guests who are alone don’t feel alone. I recently attended a small wedding by myself and the bride (my best friend) made sure she sat me at a table with people I have a lot in common and she made it a point to chat with me every chance she got. There was no moment where I felt the weight of my singleness.

No part of your newly single life has to be miserable, including holiday parties. Anything that you enjoyed while coupled up could be just as entertaining when you’re single. Of course, being heartbroken throughout the holidays is never easy, but hopefully, these tips help you have a little fun as you work through mending your broken heart.

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