5 Tips To Self Soothe If You're Feeling Anxious


Katerina Torres

When feelings of heartbreak anxiety set in, it can be so easy to run away with them or distract yourself in unhealthy ways. To help you self soothe, we have some hygge inspired tips to ease anxiety, feel comforted and regain a sense of self and control.

1. Do something physical

Sometimes, sitting with your thoughts can only perpetuate feelings of anxiety. A big part of hygge is about getting outside. If it’s chillier, bundle up and take a walk in nature. Go for a run or a walk to elevate your mood and also give you a healthy dose of Vitamin D. Exercise is an amazing way to release stress. Just 15-30 minutes a day will make a big difference.

2. Take regular breaks

Even if your work offers a welcome distraction from what you’re feeling, it’s still important to give yourself a rest throughout the day. Have some calming herbal tea, take a full lunch break to refuel and recharge mindfully and perhaps try incorporating some reading into your lunch break too. The more rested you feel in your body and mind, the more your anxiety will ease.

3. Get higher quality sleep

Good sleep is a core part of hygge. Sleeping is when your body regenerates both physically and emotionally. When you’re anxious, it’s understandable that good quality sleep can be difficult, so it’s important to create rituals that get your body and mind into a state of rest come night time. Let your body know that it’s time to wind down. Switch off electronic devices about an hour before bed, inhale lavender essential oil, take a soothing bath, do a wind-down yoga routine, read or meditate.

4. Give yourself a daily treat

One of our favorite hygge traditions is the daily ‘fika’! This is where you give yourself something to look forward to every day. In this case, something that will offer some respite from the anxiety you’re feeling and lift your mood. Whether it be a delicious hot chocolate from your favorite coffee shop, getting a massage or just giving yourself an extra hour to read.

We also love the idea of ‘lordagsgodis’ - Saturday Sweets! This is where the Scandinavians allow children to have a small bag of sweets once a week. If you’re not into sugary treats though, you can adapt this to whatever works best. (But sometimes, a tasty indulgence once a week can definitely be good for the soul!)

5. Share your feelings with friends

If you’re trying too hard to cope with feelings of anxiety alone, it can only make it seem worse. A problem shared can definitely be a problem halved and hygge is all about connecting with those close to you. Talk to your friends and let them be there to comfort you and lift you up. You’ll be surprised at how much better you feel.

We hope you enjoy using these hygge tips to create little rituals throughout the day that will make big changes.

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