Five Ways to Cool Down When You're Angry After A Breakup


Katerina Torres

Part of avoiding a burst of heartbreak rage is taking the time to acknowledge your emotions. Sweeping your feelings under the rug won’t solve anything. Instead, you’re collecting the emotional pain only to have to release it all at once later on, when you can’t hold onto it any longer. Rather than letting this happen, schedule some time to sit with your feelings. A huge part of mending is giving your heartbreak space to breathe. By scheduling in the time to feel all the feels, you’re giving yourself a much-needed structure so you don’t linger in it too long with each check-in.


A lot of times something as simple as controlling our breathing could help us decrease our stress levels. Use a tool like xhalr to help you take deep, measured breaths. It’s a quick and easy way to calm yourself down.


Putting pen to paper is a great way to release the anger, frustration, or hurt that’s boiling up inside you. Write everything you’re feeling, down to the most minute detail. Journaling allows you to process all of your thoughts. It’s a safe space for you to be open and honest about how you feel.

Intense Workout

Whether it’s a hot yoga or a kickboxing class, whatever is more your jam, sign up for an intense workout. Not only will those post-workout endorphins boost your mood, but you’ll also feel a sense of release as you take your body to its limits. You’ll come out of there feeling so relieved and proud of what you just got through.


It’s okay to cry and let it all out. Don’t hold it in thinking that the anger will dissipate. Cry if you need to, and don’t judge yourself for doing so. Crying is a completely natural response to sadness and anger.

Don’t forget that your daily check-in on Mend will also equip you with the tips to work through the heartbreak.

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