Five Ways To Makeover Your Space After A Breakup


Sheeva Sairafi

So, you and your significant other have decided to go separate ways. Whether you lived together or not, you probably spent a lot of time together at your place or at theirs. Even after the dreaded Splitting of the Things, you may still find yourself surrounded by little reminders of your relationship – the piece of artwork you bought together, the dresser you both wanted to replace, the stain on your couch from that party you threw together. And since we can’t just move and buy new furniture after ever break up (what a shame!), we have to go about making our space ours again. Here are 5 ways to makeover your space without moving:

Reclaim Your Bedroom

This tip is not numero uno by coincidence. Your bedroom is an intimate territory full of memories, but it’s also a really important place for you to recharge and get sleep after a break up. Grab a (strong) friend and take a Sunday afternoon to move your large furniture pieces to the center of the room, and then switch it all up! The simple act of moving your bed from one side of a room to another will make you feel like you are in a new space.

If you can, get a new set of sheets, buy new pillows and make sure that your bed reflects you. New sheets, new life! It’s amazing what a new duvet or bedspread in your favorite colors can do to a room. If you can’t get a whole new set, you can accessorize with a blanket to get a similar effect.

Accessorize Living Areas

Speaking of accessorizing – adding pops of color around the house is an affordable way to change the energy of your space and bring more positivity into your life. New throw pillows can instantly give your living room a face-lift. Try mixing different patterns that reflect your personal style.

New placemats are the perfect addition to a dining room table that needs some love. As a bonus, now you have one more reason to have friends over for a dinner party.

Get Your Hands Dirty

Okay, don’t worry, not that dirty. I am by no means a crafty person, but I recently stumbled upon these shelves from DesignLoveFest and decided to build them in my bedroom. Not only did this save me money, but building them was also a surprisingly comforting outlet during a difficult time. You’ll need a friend to help hang the shelves on your wall, but painting is a perfect solo project for a weekend afternoon.

Once you tackle the shelves, I’m confident you’ll be yearning for more creative fun, so explore these ideas for your next project!

Bring On Spring: 9 Cute + Cheerful DIY Projects (

DIY Modpodge Chair (

Paint, Don’t Replace

Do you have any large pieces of furniture that are functional but boring? Before you spend money to replace them, consider sprucing them up with a quick paint job.

Chalk It Up

Chalkboard paint is a great way to modernize an empty wall in your home, and there are so many different ways you can use it in every day life: grocery lists, recipe instructions or a weekly inspiring quote (perfect for post-break up). You can find chalkboard paint at most home supply stores, or online. On my chalkboard wall I made a list of all the things I want to do in Los Angeles. It is great to have a constant reminder of new fun activities, and to have a go-to list for free time. I’ve found it especially helpful when experiencing the dreaded Sunday Night Blues.

We know that your home is a sacred space, and it can be very difficult to be there without your significant other. But, we are confident that these creative projects for your mind and new additions to your space will help make it feel like your own again. Happy re-arranging!

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