Post-Breakup Trips Five Menders Have Taken


Elle Huerta

At Mend, we believe that a change of scenery is a great cure for heartbreak. Whether you're going to a neighboring city or heading across the globe, traveling can help you beat those post-breakup blues! Today, five Menders are sharing how their adventures helped them.

"I'm going to Boston tomorrow. That's where I went to school, and that was a place where I really flourished and grew. I'm going to get a break from LA because I've never really known LA without my ex since I met him as soon as I moved here. I'm going to Boston to both remind myself who I was before him and also connect with people in a place where I knew I was happy."

-Akanksha, Mender

"After my ex and I split, I booked a solo trip to the Sonoran Desert Preserve outside of Phoenix to clear my head. I was able to hike for miles without seeing anyone, lay by the pool and journal, and think about what I value and what I really need out of a relationship next time. Travel is always my go-to for mending. There's something about being out of your element that makes you feel both vulnerable and strong. It reminds you that there is so much out there to see and do, and so many more people in the world you've yet to meet."

-Jenna, Mender

"I went to Vegas, Denver, Palm Springs, and Lake Arrowhead. I'm road-tripping Big Sur next week with my dad. Thailand in May and Seychelles in October!"

-Alexa, Mender

"After one particular breakup, I made it a point to visit all the places that reminded me of my ex -- Missouri (where he was born), San Diego (where he was stationed in the Navy), and Chicago (his favorite city). I visited these places with either friends or family and made some incredible memories. Now, when I think of those places, I no longer associate them with my ex. Instead, I remember the amazing times I spent there with the people I love most."

-Kate, Team Mend

"I've been on so many post-breakup trips...big and small. When I was younger, these trips weren't extravagant. Sometimes it just meant taking a new bus route to a new neighborhood, or taking the train to a different stop and walking a new street. In recent years, I've taken more adventurous trips after breakups, including to Japan and Mexico. But the idea is still the same. I find a change of scenery is really helpful when you're stuck in cyclical thinking patterns - the newness forces you to focus on what's in front of you, instead of what's in your head. That's such a relief after a breakup."

-Elle, Team Mend

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