Five Workouts Specifically Designed for Heartbreak

When your heart is hurting, it’s very easy to become susceptible to crawling into a dark place and giving up any semblance of an exercise routine. And while sometimes you do need some time to emote, it’s not good for your brain to stay in that dark, sedentary place too long. To jump start your mending, we’ve found five different workouts that will get you out of bed and get those endorphins pumping!

1. “Practicing yoga is time to recalibrate, self-connect, and heal a broken heart.” 

– A list of yoga workouts for when dealing with heartache. (

2. “Appreciate [working out] for its freeing power and do it out of self-respect. It’s part of living consistently with who you are—an individual with unlimited worth. Exercise to physically unveil your newfound emotional and spiritual freedom—to let the freedom of a healthy body reflect your inner freedom. When you achieve that consistency in body and spirit, you will feel complete, whole, and beautiful, with or without a partner with which to share the richness.”

– Exercise after a breakup. (

3. “Go to the gym. Twice a day, if necessary. Take up kickboxing or a martial art that will allow you to get your aggression out—in a healthy way.” 

– Turn your frustrations into a positive with some fitness rehab. (

4. “Our minds and bodies are connected in the way we respond to stress and emotional pain. Any stress you feel in your mind, you also will feel in your body. Any stress you feel in your body, you will definitely feel in your mind. No doubt about it.” 

– Mend your broken heart with exercise. (

5. “Using your free time to exercise will not only keep your mind and body motivated, but you will start to feel better about yourself. After break ups, a lot of people tend to pick themselves apart. They will look in the mirror and think ‘maybe they left me because of this, or that,’ etc. Exercising releases endorphins which make you feel good. These endorphins are going to make you feel great about yourself, while you are making yourself healthier, at the same time.” 

– How to use exercise as a coping strategy after a breakup. (

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