Six Women Tell Us What Hygge Means to Them


Team Mend

Hygge is special because it can mean something different to everyone. From creating a cozy atmosphere to cooking up a storm, here's what hygge means to 6 women around the world:

1) Embracing the simple pleasure of life

In her piece, I Practiced Hygge and It's Kind of The Best Thing Ever, Author Anne Roderique-Jones shares hygge tips from the author of 'The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets to Living Happy', Meik Wiking. Our favorite tip from the book: hygge doesn’t have to be too self-helpy or cost anything. It’s more about embracing the simple pleasures of life.

2) A cozy night in 

According to Designer Alicia Cesaro, hygge is all about "Cashmere! Candles! Coziness!" What she enjoys most about hygge is the idea of getting together with family, friends, and loved ones and staying in. She shares her top tips for creating a cozy night-in environment for everyone to enjoy.

3) A less anxious life 

In her piece,  I Tried The Hygge Trend That Everyone's Obsessed With Right Now,  Marie Telling writes about how she lived the hygge life for a week and found that “having a purpose — to be hygge — was actually soothing". She spent so much time seeking out coziness that she stopped worrying about other aspects of her life that usually made her anxious.

4) Not being too hard on yourself 

When Meena Hart Duerson tried out the hygge lifestyle she concluded: “Ultimately, hygge is about not being so hard on yourself, and finding different ways to relax and connect with the people and experiences in your life that bring you joy.” It's no wonder why Denmark is consistently ranked #1 for happiness in the world! Read her piece here.

5) People you love 

Fashion and sustainability influencer Signe Hansen lived the hygge lifestyle on vacation. For her, it represented being surrounded by the people she loved, feeling comfortable and safe and creating beautiful memories. Watch her video here.

6) Making the simple things extraordinary 

According to Liz LeClair, when it comes to using hygge for healing heartbreak, “It's about acknowledging the simple things in our everyday lives, and making them extraordinary and special. It's a feeling and overall mood of complete comfort and coziness. It's a genuine appreciation for the smallest details that leave you feeling warm-hearted and serene. It is the best way to relieve your mind of sadness and heartache."  Read more to find out how hygge can help mend a broken heart.

We hope you find these interpretations of hyggehelpful and inspiring to switch off from the bustle and enjoy the simple pleasures this winter.

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