Six Women On What It's Like Being Single During Coronavirus


Team Mend

What does it feel like to be single during coronavirus? How do you stay sane? What happens to dating?

6 women share glimpses of solo lockdown life:

“I had a few late night phone calls. These truly filled me with a giddiness I hadn’t felt since high school when Jason P. from history class and I would talk ~after hours~. The calls lasted anywhere from 90 minutes to four hours, generally with at least an entire bottle of wine consumed in the duration. These phone dates were super fun and it made me wish dating apps were just modern versions of 1-800 numbers (let’s call them….1-900 numbers). I think talking on the phone is a dying art and when it’s done well, is extremely hot. Does that make me sound one million years old?”

-Alison Roman, of NYT fame, recounts her experiences with dating during lockdown

“When you’re a single black woman and you’re always handling things, people think, ‘Oh she’s got it. She’s good.” So now that I’m at home, all of my friends that have their families, their husbands, their boyfriends – they’re immersed in that. And I understand, but I’ve always shown up for the weddings, the baby showers, the christenings. It’s five or six of them and one of me. Who’s checking for me?”

-Felicia on the mixed feelings she has about being alone during lockdown in Jersey

“I feel like in all of the news they just keep saying it’s not that bad…just stay on the couch with your family and play board games and get to know your spouse. What about those of us that are finding ourselves now stuck inside, with no social life, no social interaction, no dating options?”

-Monica shares how she’s coping with quarantine on her own

“You are alone for the duration of this, and that duration is uncertain. And that doesn’t take away from being very comfortable being a single woman. It’s just adding on new feelings that I was not experiencing before the pandemic.”

-Shani shares her thoughts on self isolation with NPR

“This weekend, I was supposed to get married. I don’t know which is the harder pill to swallow: the fact that I called off my wedding long before COVID-19 became our reality, or the notion that if I hadn’t, I would have been thrown headfirst into the logistical and emotional nightmare of postponing a wedding to an unknown date in the future.”

-Kelly on why starting over feels impossible to her during lockdown

If you’re struggling with flying solo, know that you’re not alone. You might want to check out these things to do if you’re single during lockdown and our podcast episode on the same subject.

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