7 Reasons Being Single During The Holidays Is The Best Thing Ever


David Wygant

Let me tell you something. Being single during the holiday season is by far the best time for singles, so don’t sweat it. I’m going to explain why.

1. Everyone Is An Emotional Mess

This time of year, every single person is getting attacked from all angles. You hear it from friends, you see it at parties, and unsuspecting grandmothers attack you at Thanksgiving dinner. Everybody asks you, “Why are you still single? I can’t believe another year’s gone by and you haven’t met somebody!” And that is what’s great.

People are open, vulnerable, and don’t have time to play games. It’s like the band-aid was ripped off and their open wound opens to the world. They are (suddenly) aware they are single and need to get out and meet someone. So, they will be more emotionally available and open to connect with you. After all, who wants to countdown at midnight on New Year’s Eve staring at the same drunken friend they did last year?

2. It’s Cheaper Being Single During The Holidays

You don’t have to go out and buy gifts for somebody who is going to say, “This isn’t my size” or “I would never wear this shirt.” Also, you won’t get a gift from someone and be disappointed.

You can buy yourself gifts. You can take advantage of the pre-Christmas and after Christmas sales. You can enjoy this time embracing your singlehood and spoiling yourself as Santa would.

3. Family Get-Togethers (Seriously)

I know, I know. Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas dinner, and some other holiday dinners are definitely tough when it comes to your family. Oh there’s Grandma Sue and Aunt Claire who are going to look at you and say, “Why can’t you meet a good husband like your sisters?”

Meanwhile, you know your sister is in a rocky relationship, but you would never say anything about it to Grandma Sue and Aunt Claire. So your standard responses will be, “I’m happy being single. It gives me the opportunity to meet someone I care about. And during the holidays, it’s a great time to meet men. It’s a friendly and open time and who knows, maybe Santa will deliver a great guy to me this year.” You joke about it, which leads us to step four.

4. Holiday Dates

It’s amazing. It’s an amazing time for singles. It really is. People are emotionally open and available. You get to go to all the parties and be the single person. You can carry mistletoe around with you. You can set up fun, little holiday dates. Eggnog, walks in the park, ice-skating. Have some fun. Be open. Take advantage of that. Go to as many holiday parties as possible. Which leads us to number five.

5. Tell People You Are Single

It’s a great thing. Tell people you are looking to go to holiday parties. Get invited to things. It’s the party season. You are going to connect with as many men as possible. Santa will deliver men to all these holiday parties. I strongly suggest you get on some type of holiday party list, and get invited to as many gatherings as possible.

6. Have A Party And Invite Hot Guys

New Years’ is just a night and that’s all it is. Don’t worry about being alone on New Year’s Eve. You could create an alternate “I hate New Year’s Eve” party. That’s right; start a NEW holiday party where it’s game night or potluck dinner. That could be interesting. Everybody needs to bring a dish and a hot man. Think outside the box, which leads us to number seven.

7. It’s Just A Month

But it’s a great month for you to build momentum for the next year. Forget about New Year’s resolutions. New Year’s resolutions are never kept. Forget about how you’re going to meet a man in the new year. Start becoming more friendly, open and available now.

Watch the momentum you build and see the new year take off and become the best year of your life. December is a great month to set new intent, new goals and new attitudes.

Have fun, play, have a good time, enjoy yourself dressed up as a cute little elf. Have a good time and maybe you’ll meet your Santa this month. If not, due to the great attitude you’ve conveyed during the holiday season you’re definitely going to meet someone in the next year!

Life is all about mindset and attitude. And you, girl, you’re going to have that attitude. It’s going to carry you forward to an awesome new year, without a single New Year’s resolution needed.

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