All Your Friends Are Getting Married. Now What?

If it seems as if people all around you are getting engaged or married, allow me to assure you that you are not alone. Everyone is feeling it! I even have a friend that refuses to log into her Facebook because she, quite frankly, is tired of looking at photos of wedding rings, bridesmaids and first bites of wedding cakes. Here are tips from 5 unmarried women noticing everyone around them getting hitched. 

“At just 25, I found I had exactly zero single girlfriends left.” 

– Jillian offers down right frank survival tips for those who have RSVPd to what seems like a wedding every weekend. (Glamour) 

“When you focus too much on what you don’t have, whether it’s a diamond ring, a boyfriend, or a Barbie Dream House, you don’t get to enjoy the other stuff you have, like a cute apartment, an interesting job, and friends who don’t judge you when you drink way too much bubbly at their engagement party.” 

– Catherine explains why she is genuinely ecsatic for her friends that are getting married. ( 

“Seeing how other people’s lives completely change when they get married and have children makes me cling to my own life. I appreciate it the way it is – filled with mundane experiences that belong to me.” 

– Stacey used to feel like a failed woman for not getting hitched. It wasn’t until her friends started creating their own families, that she realized she was happy with her life. ( 

“I still have places I want to go, degrees to obtain, a career to enjoy, but, most importantly, I’m not at the point in my life where I’m ready to share a life.” 

– Caity Mae admits that even though her friends are getting married, she’s not ready to share a life with someone else just yet. ( 

“I remember when we’d all been stuck in loving and losing. And now they’d loved and won. Yet somehow I missed that memo. I love my friends. I am happy for my friends. But was I jealous of my friends?” 

– Dee, the last in her group of girlfriends to be single, comforts herself by reminding herself that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. (

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