Be the Glue When Things Break


Lorna Faxon

Growing up we all know that when things break there is some sort of adhesive to put them back together. From the earliest childhood memories it could have been paste (that we all tasted on a dare or out of curiosity) or Elmer’s Glue or Scotch Tape. Now, we have the amazing product of Super Glue.  

As we go through our life, items break that we need help repairing, starting out with our toys and bicycles and, eventually, our cars. There is nothing that brings on a sweat faster than being on the freeway when your automobile starts to fail on you. Praying that you find an off ramp before it completely shuts down, you feel helpless and at the mercy of friends or AAA.

However, when it comes to our heart, well-being, health and mortality, the broken parts of ourselves can’t always be mended so easily. What is the magic potion or elixir that can mend us? Do we pray to the heavens at our darkest hour and beg for mercy or do we rely on our strength we have stored somewhere in our soul like a camel? Are we fortunate enough to have the support system in our friends and family to pull us up even when we feel like Humpty Dumpty that nobody can put together?

I can’t help but ponder this and find myself wanting to create a dialogue around what to do when someone in our life is feeling broken. A simple gesture can mean the world to a person in need of a little glue to feel whole; even a hug can feel like someone cares enough to try and squeeze you back together.

As we get older and start to experience more loss in our lives, we search for ways to cope with the inevitable. When losing a sibling, spouse, parent, child or other relationship, the grief can be immeasurable. Recently a friend shared they were losing a sister to cancer. When I hear these stories and share these tears, my heart breaks and I wonder why is this happening? What is the lesson? Where is the glue to fix all this?

My feeling: the glue is in us – we are the ultimate glue of the universe. So when you have a moment in this busy world and you know someone needs some glue, please reach out. It may not be something grand but it’s the little things in life that can repair us; a phone call, a thoughtful card, going to lunch, having a good one-on-one conversation or just listening. It can mean everything. In other words, be the Elmer’s.

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