Marta Goldschmied On Romeo & Juliet Heartbreak


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When we sat down with Marta to talk about heartbreak, we immediately noticed the Blue Jean Baby tattoo on her shoulder - denim is in her genes. Daughter to the Godfather of Denim, Adriano Goldschmied, Marta is making a name for herself in the fashion world as the founder and designer of MADE GOLD, her luxury denim and lifestyle brand. You can follow her on Instagram @missgoldschmied and @MADE.GOLD.


“I have been involved with the same person off and on for 10 years. The person that broke my heart in February is the same person that broke my heart the first time when I was 22. I met him when I was 16 and we were together from 16 to 22. We broke up but always found ourselves reconnecting. And we really tried again recently - we were going to get married this summer, and have babies, and everything, but we never made it. He was my first everything. I’m from Italy, come from a good, big family and from a different culture than him. He was from South Central and he never had strong family support. I hate to sound corny, but we were like Romeo and Juliet. He’s told me that the first person he’s felt unconditional love for was me. So it was heavy from the start. There was a lot of baggage.”


“I broke up with him. It was crazy because I didn’t think about it. I wasn’t going back and forth about it. It was just one argument one day. He asked me for a ride and I don’t know why, but I just blew up and was like ‘You don’t need a girlfriend, you need a mother.’ But it was also time for us to break up. We fought all the time. We were like a young Bobby and Whitney. He’s a Leo and I’m a Scorpio. We were always at each other’s throats. It was either really good or really bad. When I was with him, I never experienced an in-between. It was very unsettling in a way. After breaking up, he went overseas to play basketball and I stayed. We had zero contact. We went from speaking to each other every single day to not talking for about two and a half years. I know this sounds really dramatic, but in a way it’s almost like a death because you don’t have any contact with this person. And obviously death is horrible, but it almost felt like fuck, this is worse because he is alive. The whole time we were broken up, I thought oh my god, no one’s loved me like that, all because no one had acted as crazy. That craziness we shared created a connection. I was so young when I fell in love with him so it was all I knew.”


“After our first breakup, I dated guys that were just like him and he dated girls that were just like me. One night, we randomly ran into each other on Hollywood and Highland and my best friend hyped it all up, “You two are meant to be!” So we reconnected. Soon after he left me - he disappeared. I don’t think he freaked out. I think he never let go of the fact that I dumped him. To him, it was as if I abandoned him like everyone else in his past had. To this day, he doesn’t understand that I had to break up with him then. There was a lot of that stuff going on when we were younger - jealousy and cheating. For me, leaving him was something that made sense. My family was even involved. It was very heavy for everyone. But he could never rationalize and understand that I had to break up with him for myself. Once he disappeared, we didn’t talk for another two years and I got into another relationship. About a year and a half into that new relationship I got a Facebook message from him saying, “If it wasn’t for you, I’d be dead or in jail. I owe you so much.” He wasn’t reaching out to get back together. He just wanted to say thank you, which was nice. And of course, I broke up the relationship I was in because, in a sick way, I couldn’t get over him.”


“This last time we broke up, it was over the phone on the first day of sales week in New York. We were about to show our second season to our biggest account, so it was a big deal. And I remember crying at the cupcake store nearby and my friend yelled said “What the fuck are you doing? You are literally doing the same shit you did 10 years ago. There has been no progression and he didn’t even break up with you in a mature way.” Then I thought, Yea, what the fuck am I doing? And it sucks - you don’t just stop loving someone, but I had to face the reality.”


“I know it sounds petty, but social media is part of the reason why we broke up. He had an Instagram that I didn’t know about and we were still dating at the time, and once I found out about it, instead of following me, he wanted to delete his Instagram. He had kept his Instagram hidden from me. He also didn’t want to follow me on Facebook and I was like “You want to have children with me but you won’t even follow me on Facebook?” It’s especially weird when you’re with someone that lives all the way across the world from you. Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with people for stupid stuff like seeing photos of when I dye my hair. He thought I was childish and wanted to show him off like he was a prize and that I just wanted to show off having a boyfriend. But it’s my life. You show off your life on social media.”


“I’ve done stupid shit on social media since Myspace. He had a Facebook while he was in college and I made up a fake profile and would write him pretending I was a different girl from Wyoming. The very same day I left to return to LA after visiting him, he answered a Facebook message from the fake girl. I feel like you shouldn’t snoop because you always end up finding something. But it’s easier said than done. He’s sneaky too.”


“I was reading Many Lives, Many Masters. It’s all about how sometimes you meet someone and you’re like fuck, I feel like I’ve known you forever. It’s about past lives, how people are connected, and how you’re always around the same energies and souls but just in different ways. And how sometimes unresolved business gets passed on from lives. So when we broke up, I was like maybe in our next life, we’ll take this up again.”


“Crying doesn’t make me feel better. I’d just rather put my energy into something positive. Something that is going to make me better. Something that will make me money. I launched my own denim line called MADE GOLD, a lifestyle brand. We started with denim but now we have leather and knits, all made in LA. I’ve followed in my father’s footsteps. I’m the only one of three daughters that did, so he is very happy. I’m doing it with my best friend. It’s been a crazy journey but it’s been a lot of fun. We are currently working on Spring/Summer 2016. And we’re going to show in New York and Paris. I’ve been traveling a lot. It takes so much time and energy that when I went through this break up, it just didn’t feel as heavy as when we were younger. I am just throwing my energy into something that is positive. We work from 6am to 10pm in warehouses and factories. You don’t even have the time to think about the break up. That’s what’s really helped me.”


“Being a young female in the industry I’m in, I have to be very strong all of the time. I work with all older men and I can’t let them see any type of emotion. As a girl, you really have to prove yourself. You don’t want to be written off as emotional or crazy. You have to be very composed, especially when at board meetings. I’m the majority of my company, so I’m a big part of the behind the scenes, not just the design. If I let the break up get to me and I get to work already emotional, then all of my work is going to be crashing down. If I’m negotiating money, and say I cry, they’ll become sharks and eat me up. Mentally, I have to be focused on my business. If I wake up thinking about my ex or about how the relationship went wrong, my whole day is going to go wrong.”


“My parents are still together. My parents met and 4 months later they ran away to Ensenada and got married, had us and then got legally married in Italy. They’re still married today. My dad traveled so much while I was growing up and my mom just held everything down. There’s always been such a strong partnership, love and respect for each other. But I’m a sucker for troubled loved relationships. Those like Johnny Depp and Kate Moss, Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain, Sid and Nancy - I like the darker, tragic love stories. That’s my predicament.”


“What I want now is so different than what I wanted 10 years ago. I was 16 then and wanted the tall guy with the 6-pack. I got him, I just didn’t know he was going to come with all the extras. But now, I just want someone that is loyal, low-key, driven. He doesn’t have to be successful, but he has to be passionate about what he does. I need someone that calms me because I’m on 100 all the time.”


“I’ve learned not to expect to receive the same amount of love you give to other people. It’s not always 50/50. I give so much. But that’s life though. Better to learn it sooner than later. Another lesson I’ve learned is being aware of what I give. In my future relationship, I know to be guarded a little more, which is sabotaging the next guy in a way. That’s the one thing I regret, now - I’ll never give so much of myself to someone. I’ll never have that feeling of going to sleep with him and thinking that everything is so pure and full of unconditional love. I haven’t opened up as much as I did and I don’t think I will.”


“Don’t get me wrong - I love love. I’m a lover. I want to fall in love. I’m not one of those girls who say that they don’t believe in good men anymore. I do. I think they’re are a lot of good men out there. I just think a lot of girls put too much energy. You shouldn’t have to put so much energy into something that is supposed to make you happy. You shouldn’t try to make pieces fit that obviously don’t fit. No need to force it. There are a lot of guys out there. So many options. We were right then, but who knows what’s going to be right for me in a year? I’m changing so I’m just going with the flow. Before, I was very adamant, I have to make this work. And now I’m like it’s okay, we had something really good at times, really crazy, a learning experience, and I’ll just take it for what it was.”


"I’m finally open to let someone into my life."

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