Seven Ways To Cozy Up Your Home Post Breakup


Team Mend

Creating a cozy environment at home is an essential part of self soothing post-breakup. Don’t worry though, it doesn’t have to be expensive - it’s all about the simple things! Here are our tips on small pleasures that can help create coziness at home when you’re going through a difficult time.

1) A Warm Glow

Candles are wonderful for creating a soothing atmosphere. You can opt for relaxing scented ones or plain ones just for the ambiance. Make candles part of your evening ritual. Try them out next time you take a bath or right before you go to sleep.

2) Soft Comforts

Invest in a blanket and cozy accents you can look forward to snuggling with at the end of every day. Some of our favorites soft comforts are: chunky knit blankets, cushions, faux fur throws, and big and fluffy wool rugs. Surround yourself with these comforts in your living room or create extra warmth and coziness in your bedroom.

3) Create Your Own Sanctuary

Make a little nook or area that you dedicate to peaceful time away from technology. This could be where you go to Mend, read, to meditate, to reflect, to listen to music, or just to enjoy a cup of tea mindfully. Decorate this area with blankets, cushions, books, candles. Let this space be a place of peace, tranquillity, and detachment from the chaos of life.

4) Establish Rituals

Create rituals you can look forward to. Maybe it's treating yourself to a box of your favorite macaroons or maybe it's having a potluck with friends every month. Whatever it is, try to commit to it. Be gentle with yourself if you miss a day.

5) Update Your Loungewear

Feeling cozy is all about being comfortable! Find loungewear that makes you feel confident and cozy. There’s nothing better than coming home and changing into something that feels amazing on your skin after a busy day!

6) Cook

Cooking can make your home feel more cozy and homey. If you’re not much of a cook, try experimenting with some simple recipes first, or a meal prep kit. And if you’re really not into cooking, make yourself some tea or hot chocolate. Smell, taste, sip, and savor.

7) Find A New Hobby Or Revisit An Old One

Taking up a new hobby will help engage your mind with something fun. Turn off all technology and indulge in an activity that nurtures you. A few cozy-inspired hobbies include: painting, writing, or just curling up with a good book.

We hope you enjoy incorporating these cozying tips into your home. Remember, it’s all about enjoying the very simple things!

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