Josh Radnor On How Meditation Helped Him Through His Breakup

You might remember Josh Radnor as unlucky-in-love Ted from How I Met Your Mother. We love the insightful advice he recently shared about meditation and heartbreak in a recent interview and podcast.

In this interview, Josh explains how meditation is what saved him while going through depression triggered by his breakup. Josh explains “When actors ask me for my one piece of advice, I always tell them to meditate. The thing that will take you down, personally and professionally, is your mind.”

Josh talks about how meditation doesn’t have to be complicated and it isn’t about using it to numb yourself or achieve immunity to what happens around you. It’s more about how it helps you to process things quicker.

“If you grieve, you grieve hard, and it moves through you. There’s a fluidity to feelings and thoughts and you don’t get hooked.”

Josh says that it was meditation that ultimately saved him after his breakup. The interview is well worth a listen if you’re curious to hear more about meditation, and you can also sign up for Josh’s monthly newsletter where he often talks about it in more depth.

Here is a snippet from his most recent newsletter on finding hope during tough times:

“There is a point and purpose to life. I believe that deeply. We often can’t see or sense it in our darker moments – it’s hard to comprehend a story when you’re in the middle of the story – but it is there. And while confusion abounds, we can be assured that goodness will always triumph in the end. This doesn’t mean there won’t be harrowing moments, setbacks, and losses of faith along the way. Heroes always lose faith and must dig deep to find the will to go on (that’s a huge, inevitable part of the story). Life is constantly offering up opportunities for us to learn we’re far more resilient than we ever thought we could be.”

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