How to Deal with Breakups at Work

Some people have the good fortune of diving into work when they’re heartbroken. Between meetings, deadlines and traveling, they might just forget about the pain for a split second.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t work so beautifully when you work with your ex. Every trip down the hall provokes anxiety; will I see them? will they see me?  You might wonder what people are thinking, or maybe no one even knew. It’s not easy, either way. So if you find yourself dealing with a breakup at work, you are not alone, and today we’re sharing some wisdom on how to make it less painful…

Jennifer gives strategies for dealing with office breakups  (

Kianta on how she’s handling the breakup with her fiancé (and business partner)  (

Jacqueline gives 5 constructive tips for dealing with a breakup at the office (

Meredith gives a reader advice on getting over someone you see every day at work (

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