#howimend: An Interview Series on How People Mend

I’m so excited to share our new column #howimend!

When you’re the founder of a startup that deals with heartbreak, you hear a lot of stories about heartbreak. Too many to count, really, though I’m trying.  Sometimes I wish I could just package up all that has been shared with me in the last few years and share it with you directly. 

I wish that I could share the conversations I’ve had over coffee with my mom, the conversations I’ve had on long drives with my closest friends, the conversations I’ve had on buses/trains/planes/automobiles with complete strangers. Something very magical happens when two people talk about heartbreak. We all open up, we all relate, we all have something to say. We’ve all been there. 

What I’ve learned is that, while everyone mends heartbreak differently, there are some common threads. Friends. Family. Self Improvement. Spirituality. Exercise. To name a few. 

Beyond those common threads, every path to whole heartedness is so different. I’ve talked with so many people, and no story is alike. What works for one person doesn’t work for another. And this is why we’re launching a new column at Mend where we ask lots of different people about how they’ve dealt with heartbreak.  Reading this column will feel like you’re sitting down with a friend, in a cozy corner of a cafe. 

We’ve got a great first round of interviews to share, starting with our interview of Alexandra Lee. In the meantime, think about who you’d like us to interview and send your requests to hello@letsmend.com.

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