Charissa Thompson On Getting Back In The Game


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If you’re a football fan, you might recognize Charissa Thompson as the host of FOX NFL KICKOFF and Sunday NFL pregame shows, and from her high profile interviews with Drew Brees, Russell Wilson, and Keenan Allen. We caught up with Charissa to chat about how she’s mended from heartbreak and uncover what sports have taught her about resilience.

What’s the biggest heartbreak you’ve suffered?

How much time do we have? [laughs] The biggest heartbreak I suffered was a divorce. I got married to stay married and clearly, that didn’t work out. OR finding out that your boyfriend cheats on you while in Hawaii thinking he’s gonna propose and you intercept a text message from his side chick.

How’d you mend from each of those heartbreaks? Did you have a game plan?

I like to think of heartbreak as a turnover. A turnover in basketball means you give it to the other team, an interception means that the quarterback threw the ball to the opposite team. I like to think of a breakup like that. So, in order to get over that, you need to get the ball back, you need to take control again. So in order for me to take control after a heartbreak, I like to date a little bit see what else is out there but it really is about giving yourself “next play” mentality. You have to think of it like “okay, that sucked but this game is still going, it isn’t over yet!” The quest for love isn’t over yet just because I had a bad thing happen. There are four quarters and this is only the first one and it isn’t going well but we’ve still got some time to win the game.

What have sports taught you about resilience?

The game isn’t over until it’s over. The Patriots won the Super Bowl two years ago when they went to overtime and overcame the biggest halftime deficit. It doesn’t matter how far you’re down until the clock expires, you still have a chance. So even though I’ve been divorced and had breakups, it’s not over yet.

What are some sports analogies to help someone going through a breakup right now?

Interception: something bad happened, but you’re gonna get the ball back. Touchdown: when something good happened in the relationship. Fumble: bad text and you panic about it. Two point conversion: when you get more than you thought you were going to get. Next play mentality. Get your head in the game: Sometimes athletes aren’t mentally in the game. Sometimes we’re not mentally in the relationship, we’re just physically going through it.

How do you squeeze self care into your routine and what self care practices do you swear by?

Working out is a big self care thing for me and for my brain. When I sweat, and the endorphins, and the adrenaline that I get from working out, that helps me. It gives me a clear head. I feel like a better partner in a relationship. I feel like a better friend after I work out because I’m clear. My focus is more directed.

What tips do you have for someone who is trying to get back in the game?

Just get back out there! If an athlete’s season ended in a loss, the hardest part is that time until you get back out on the field and win another game. So, if you don’t get back out there and start dating, you’re stuck in that rut. Being stuck at home [after a breakup] is like the off-season for an athlete after a bad loss. All they wanna do is get back on the field so they can win again and sort of get themselves right.

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