Love, Mapped: Do You Live in America's Divorce Belt?


Gabrielle White

If you've ever perused Tinder in suburban New Jersey (did I just publicly admit to doing that?), you'll know firsthand just how much location impacts the dating pool. And this isn't a coincidence. Nathan Yau of Flowing Data used stats from the American Community Survey to visualize where people in different types of relationships tend to cluster.

Though some of the results aren't surprising, it’s interesting that there's such a tangible connection between where people choose to live, the life stage they find themselves in, and the life choices they find themselves making.

Getting Hitched

The Midwest has proportionally more married couples than the rest of the country. Texas and Nebraska earn the distinction of having some of the most marriage-dense counties in America.


Singles Belt Contrary to popular stereotypes about marriage in the South, the Southeast has a surprisingly large population of unmarried folks.


Divorce BeltThere is a higher proportion of divorces in the Northwest (Oregon, Washington, western Montana, northern California and parts of Nevada), and between the Southeast and the Midwest in the Divorce Belt, which sweeps through Tennessee, Missouri, and Oklahoma.


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