What To Do In Barcelona When You're Burned Out Or Heartbroken


Katerina Torres

Barcelona, with its stunning architecture, vast collection of art, and scenic views, is not only a great destination for solo travel, it’s also the perfect city for your post-breakup trip. Visiting the Sagrada Familia and Park Güell will undoubtedly be on your Barcelona itinerary, but allow us to share some experiences other than gawking over Antoni Gaudí’s architecture.

We’ve put together a guide on where to eat, how to self care, and what to do on your solo trip to Barcelona, so you can make it the mending experience your heart needs.

Channel your inner foodie at La Boqueria or Santa Caterina. Each of these markets offer some of the best eats in the city and the freshest ingredients if you’re more of a cook-at-home type. Often times our nutrition takes a big hit after a breakup. We’re uninspired on what to cook or we avoid our favorite restaurants because they remind us of memories of our ex. Spending a few hours at La Boqueria or Santa Caterina will introduce you to local cuisine, tasty new ingredients, and foodie memories that are all your own.

Head to The Green Spot, where veggies take center stage on the menu. You can satisfy most cravings here, with plenty of pizza and pasta choices, and a “From The World” section on the menu that offers a taste of international cuisines.

Sopa will be your weekend brunch spot, serving sweet and savory dishes from 11 am – 2 pm. The fun surprise at Sopa is that they also have a yoga studio, where you can practice Yin Yoga and Hatha Vinyasa on weekdays before and after work.

Little Fern is the kind of cafe every city needs. With its all day brunch and specialty lattes, such as the charcoal latte, it’s the perfect bright and airy spot for a mid-day treat.

You won’t want to leave Barcelona without experiencing one of its ancient baths. Aire is an old warehouse turned temple, where you can disconnect from the buzzing of the city (and your phone). You can soak in the ancient thermal baths and add on a special treatment, such as the Oxygen Breeze Exfoliation, which will awaken your energy.

When you need some time to connect with your mind, body, and soul, Sound of Silence is the go-to spot. The yoga classes at this studio offer a meditative experience. There’s also a class focused solely on breath work, which is super beneficial when you’re mending from heartbreak.

Sometimes self care is getting a sweaty gym session in while you’re away. If that sounds like you, head to Studio BCN in the Gothic Quarter for group training or personal training. They offer a range of TRX, pilates, and yoga classes. Check out their site for weekend workshops on nutrition, relaxation, meditation, and more.

Social connection is actually an important part of self care, and if you travel solo you might find it a little more complicated to check this off. But it doesn’t have to be. We created Mend Away: Self to be a built in community for your post-breakup trip. You can also utilize sites like Meetup to join group activities that you’re interested in. And don’t be afraid to chat it up with locals as you make your way through the city. Barcelona is known for its welcoming and friendly locals!

Enjoy the outdoors at Parc de la Ciutadella. This is Barcelona’s biggest park and features a fountain much like the Trevi fountain, a zoo, a lake, and plenty of space to settle down for a picnic.

If you’re looking for something free to do on weekend evenings, you’ll want to watch the Magic Fountain of Montjuïc show. It’s a beautiful 30-minute water, lights, and music show. You can even check out what songs each show will feature ahead of time.

Don’t forget to pack your swimsuit for a beach day. If you want to go where there’s a lot of action, opt for Barceloneta. But if you’re interested in a beach day that’s more laid back, you’ll want to head to Bogatell Beach.

Explore the Bostik Murals for one-of-a-kind urban art. Barcelona is filled with opportunities to appreciate art, from Antoni Gaudi’s architectural wonders to the Dali Museum. We recommend taking a journal with you as you view art at these different places because when you’re mending, your perspective of the art could be completely different than any other time you’ve viewed it.

If you’re planning a solo trip to Barcelona, we hope this guide is helpful and we wish you safe travels!

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