What The New Moon Means For You


Team Mend

A new moon marks the beginning of a new cycle and a fresh start – it’s the perfect excuse to pause and envision the positive energy you want to bring into the next phase of your life, and a new moon ritual can help you do just that.

New moon rituals or ceremonies are also symbolic of people coming together to support each other on their journey to heal. When we share a sacred space together, we magnify the power of our intentions and strengthen our networks of support. Here’s a loose guide for how to hold your own ceremony for this new moon and future ones:

The Location

To carry out your own new moon ceremony, decide where you want to hold it. It can be anywhere you like but try to choose somewhere meaningful, comfortable, and inspiring.

The Goods

Next, collect ceremony supplies. This includes pens and paper for you to write down your intentions. Other objects could include matches, candles, crystals, rocks, shells, sage wands, oils, or photos of loved ones. You can bring anything that symbolizes creativity, inspiration, and healing to you.

The Atmosphere

It’s time to create the atmosphere! If you hold the ceremony inside, you can play soft calming music and light candles. If you’re holding a group ceremony, try sitting on floor cushions. Go around the room and have each person share what they’re looking to release and renew.

The Intentions

With the new moon comes the opportunity to let go of negative habits, behaviors, and toxic thought patterns. So think of what you want to let go of and the positive things you want to attract – anything come to mind?

It’s a great idea to write down your new moon wishes, as writing down your intentions can help make them more concrete. If there’s anything you want to let go of, you can do something tactile like write down what you’re upset about and then burn it.

If you’re doing this in a group, share some of your wishes with the circle. Having other people witness what you want to create is very powerful. If sharing is too personal, writing it down is fine.

The Follow Up

Each new moon has a six-month cycle that correlates to a zodiac sign, so you can set specific intentions at a new moon based on the energies of that zodiac sign and then watch them come to life in the next six months.

A big part of the success with new moon intentions is what comes after. So find ways to keep them in the forefront of your mind and write down your progress. Remember to celebrate the changes you notice along the way.

Happy new moons ahead!

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