On The Mend’ Episode 3 Featuring Mereki, Artist & Founder of Be Kind

In this episode of “On The Mend,” Elle interviews singer and founder of Be Kind, Mereki Beach. Elle sat down with Mereki in 2016 to discuss the heartbreak upon heartbreak of losing her father, long-term boyfriend, and grandmother all within a matter of months. It was a rough year, to say the least. The two reunite in this podcast, years later, to reflect on her growth since then in a touching and vulnerable discussion.

Mereki and Elle agreed that grief is a multifaceted beast. It never leaves. The singer discusses how grief has continued to creep up on her when she least expects it, even years after the death of her father. She reveals that post-traumatic growth opens up wounds she thought she already healed from in order to present new ways for her to grow and learn. But there is a silver lining. Grieving and heartbreak build a path of resilience that leads to a stronger person with the ability to build more authentic connections.

This touching story of growth and transformation is one we can all either relate to or learn from. We don’t learn how to cope with grief in school, but we can learn from each other. Mereki gives advice on how to help loved ones who are grieving and also touches on how her grieving process has affected her music, the importance of her friendships, and her fiercely independent reliance on herself. We are so grateful for Mereki’s vulnerability and wisdom, and we know that our Menders can benefit from this episode of “On The Mend.”

You can listen to “On The Mend” on SoundCloud and Apple Podcasts. We’re so excited to bring you more episodes full of life-affirming advice and stories to help you mend.

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