The Best Self Care Podcasts To Listen To


Candice Lim

“Self-care” can mean many things, from relaxation to self-improvement. In a world of unending podcasts, we’ve gathered a few that have helped Team Mend through tough times and given us that breath of fresh air we needed. If you're ready to take your self-care up a notch, get your headphones ready for these episodes.

1. "Thirst Aid Kit"

For some, self-care can come in the form of laughter. Nichole PerkinsandBim Adewunmi are writers in New York City who share one thing in common: a thirst for males. While their podcast is not directly about self-care, listening to this podcast is an act of self-service. Each week, they go in-depth and explore the complexities of one male heartthrob in Hollywood. And it’s more than just hot guys. It’s a deep dive into the personalities, characteristics, and inner reasons why we thirst after these particular men, who range in ethnicity, age, accents, and more.

The best episode for new listeners is “Chris Evans (feat. Chris Evans).” Most of the time, the two talk about a guy, but this time, they talk to the actual Chris Evans on the phone. Let’s just say that it will make you giggle on a public bus (which indeed happened to me).

2. "Anna Faris is Unqualified"

Anna Faris, from "Scary Movie" and "Mom," is your new best friend. Her bright humor translates perfectly in “Anna Faris is Unqualified,” which has seen so much success that it transitioned from podcast to radio. Each week, Faris and co-host Sim Sarna interview a celebrity about the ups and downs of their career and personal lives. At the end of their conversations, they get real callers on the phone and give advice. Usually, it’s about relationships, but it can sometimes be about friendships, a new job, etc. This podcast is more than just a celebrity talking to another celebrity. Faris isn’t afraid to dive into the tough parts about being an actor and the mental health consequences she’s faced in a toxic industry. But you don’t have to be an actor to identify with these episodes. A personal favorite is when Nick Jonas came on and dished all the dirt on his life post-Jonas Brothers.

3. "The Hilarious World of Depression"

Another way to talk about depression is through comedy. Host John Moe brings funny people onto his podcast every week to talk about their journeys with mental health and what brings them out of their dark places. A favorite episode of mine features Rachel Bloom, a comedian who has been open and honest about her mental health struggles. Her openness led to her show “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” and she doesn’t hold back in this engaging conversation with Moe.

4. "Therapy for Black Girls"

Dr. Joy Harden Bradford is a psychologist in Georgia who wants you to live your best life. She brings her best therapy tips to each episode and acknowledges the complex intersection of struggling with mental health and being a woman of color. One of her most popular episodes is “Managing Social Anxiety,” something many people can identify with in 2018.

5. "Sad Boyz"

Self-care isn’t just for the girls. “Sad Boyz” is a comedy podcast about feelings. Each week, Jordan and Jarvis, two guys in tech in San Francisco, discuss everything from mental health to toxic masculinity to Post Malone. With little bits of pop culture sliced into each episode and one host with a smooth British accent, “Sad Boyz” takes important topics, dissects them, and ends each session on a happy note. If you’re looking for a laugh, your two new best friends are right here.

6. "On Being with Krista Tippett"

A personal favorite of Mend CEO Elle Huerta, “On Being” is hosted by Krista Tippett, a journalist and former diplomat who interviews people from all different walks of life. She asks questions about the secrets to living a good life and what it means to be alive. With a focus on spirituality (in a not-necessarily religious sense), she has interviewed philosophers, physicists, and everyone in between to find out how to live well.

7. "Self-Service with Jerico Mandybur"

The Girlboss Radio network is strong with self-care. The brand’s second podcast is from Girlboss editorial director Jerico Mandybur, who is more than familiar with the stress of millennial workaholics (to prove it, when the Australian writer moved to America, she was diagnosed with blood poisoning almost immediately). In this episode, she sat down with our founder Elle to talk a little bit about building Mend.

8. "Love is Like A Plant"

And how can we forget our own podcast! “Love is Like A Plant” is a one-on-one session with Elle about her personal experiences dealing with a breakup and the different ways she dug herself out of it. If you love the app, you’ll love the podcast. And if you love the podcast, you’ll definitely love Mend. If you're a first-time listener, a good place to start is“How To Get Your Ex Back," a popular episode among our Menders.

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