Real Advice for Managing Social Media During a Breakup


Jessica Munoz

Social media after a hard breakup can be like pouring rubbing alcohol on an open wound. And if you're not particularly pain tolerant, that has the potential to sting really badly. So what to we do? `How do we avoid something that is literally right at our fingertips? And if you're anything like me, my phone is pretty much in my hands all day.

The most important thing is to recognize how seeing your ex on social media makes you feel and then assess your social media etiquette based off of what will serve you.

Here are some reads to help you decide what social media approach you should take when heartbroken.


"While most of us agree it’s perfectly acceptable to unfollow an ex on Instagram—“It feels unhealthy to be bombarded with photos,” says one editor—many were skeptical about completely removing an ex from Facebook. “For some reason, unfriending feels more extreme and aggressive,” explains one editor. “Thankfully there’s that feature where you can just ask not to be shown posts from that certain person,” she says. “No harm, no foul.”"

- Editors at Vogue take on social media breakup etiquetteand the tools social media platforms have implemented, making it a little easier to avoid an ex's presence without having to unfriend. (

“In order to grieve and truly move on you need that time of separation, which includes social media separation as well,” she says. “When you have finally moved on, you can refriend them.”

- Jennifer Wright discusses the importance of not pretending to be happy or over a breakup in spite of your ex. (

"Some people say that it's immature to unfollow people, but it's good to rid yourself of that person and focus on your own life instead."

- Elizabeth Kiefer on why it's okay, and sometimes necessary, to unfollow an ex. (

"Rather than worrying about what’s going on in their lives, we need to focus on our own and give all of our attention to the people that matter in our lives, who will always be there. They’re the people that want to mention us on Twitter and comment on our fun photos on Facebook from the trendy club last weekend.

Those are the people who want to see us happy, who want to share in our joy. Eventually, we’ll realize that our world is better than ever without our ex in it, and in turn, our daily lives are much easier and enjoyable when our ex is out of site on social media, as well."

- Samantha Surface reminds us of who really should be getting our attention on social media. (

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