What Are Your Self Love Rituals?


Katerina Torres

Establishing rituals can be a crucial part of the healing process. Today, 8 Menders are sharing the self love rituals that help them stay #onthemend.

“I love to do yoga 2 or 3 times a week and have recently discovered a love for hot yoga! It just makes me feel calmer, more connected and at peace with myself. I regularly get massages now, seeing it as an act of self-love rather than an indulgence and I’m really mindful of fueling my body with what it needs. I also meditate and journal every day. So often, self-love can go to the bottom of the pile of everyday life but if you don’t commit to it on a daily basis, you become emotionally and physically depleted. So I’m big on tapping into those soul cravings and making time for them!” -Laura Y.

“I love getting ready slow! Taking time in how I adorn myself is such a treat and fun process. I also don't ingest content that doesn't make me a better person - no junk food media or social media feeds. I want to spend my leisure time learning and not losing sight of what's important to me.” -Shan B.

“A decadent dinner of sushi can heal a lot of ills. Follow this with vegan banana nut ice cream and everything becomes shrouded in a rosy glow. I also have a stack of movies that always bring a lot of joy: Amelie, Frida, Annie Hall, Chocolat, Under the Tuscan Sun. Oh, and a good mani/ pedi combo makes me feel enamored of myself.” -Susan A.

“I strive to eliminate the negative self-talk in my head. It's taken a long time to fully love every part of myself and it was hard won. Every now and then the voices of doubt come creeping back in, but I don't let them stay long. I am grateful and secure in my abilities and I know that being kind to myself is the best thing I can do to achieve my goals. For me, I love cooking and eating well. I have a post-it note with positive affirmations and reminders on them. Included are 'You are beautiful' and 'Don't get caught up in the destination.' I spend time with friends who can shake me out of any rut I may have fallen into and revel in the steadfast, unyielding love of my dog. I try to build and fortify this house of love, light and joy, so that I may live in it, especially when the wold makes me feel like less.” -Megan S.

“My main one is positive affirmations. When I am in a good place, I will write down how I am feeling and then when I have a low moment I can go back and read these notes. They give me an instant boost and remind me of how I truly feel about myself.” -Zanna V.

"Exercise: I always feel 1,000 times better after a workout. Always. Pep-talks: Sometimes I am scared to do something or fear the unknown and I have to remind myself that if someone else can do something then I can too. Friendship: If I feel sad or stressed, I have dinner with friends. It’s so nice to be able to laugh and talk with people who have the best intentions for you. Happiness: I’ve learnt not to invest time in things that don’t make me happy. Friends, boyfriends…anyone I feel makes me feel bad about myself. Music: There’s nothing a good sing-song can’t fix." -Ashley J

"Fitting in a workout class, taking naps, going on solo walks and adventures!" -Jen G

“Self-care keeps me sane. I get body work done frequently. Massages, reiki, ayurvedic treatments. I go to the Korean Spa when I need a tune-up. Day-to-day I'll take a walk, a bath, soak my feet, have sex, go to the beach and let the sun and ocean heal me. I sometimes wear my favorite dress and just let the world admire my beauty. You have to be your biggest fan.” -Natalie P.

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