What Is One Thing You've Always Loved About Yourself?


Team Mend

At Mend, we believe that self love should always be a priority…so we’re dedicating our whole summer to the greatest love of all! Today, eight Menders share the one thing they’ve always loved about themselves.

“I love that I have curiosity and fascination and that I’m not afraid to be a beginner. This has made me try random things without being outcome dependent, organically start and grow a business, take courses to learn new skills, travel alone, live in different countries just because I want to, and keep that child-like wonder about the world and its possibilities. I’ve had that since I was really young and I suppose it’s led to me never doing things according to the norm – but I really love that! It’s also created resilience in me and always committing to being my own hero.” -Laura Y.

“I’ve always loved my drive and resilience to be myself and to have my voice heard. Yes, this led to lots of trips to the principal’s office in my early days and a few missed opportunities because I was unwilling to conform, but ultimately I’ve built a life and circle of people that allow me to flourish as the best me – the real me.” -Shan B.

“I have always loved my resilience. I have made a way out of nothing, I look back and I have so many amazing stories. I have made it through every perfect day, all the shitty ones and I’m still laughing and smiling.” -Natalie P.

“I have always loved my sense of humor and my ability to make others laugh. I’m very perceptive of the world around me and somehow my brain sees the funny or ironic in situations and it comes come out. I like to think I have great comedic timing and I’m sure if you polled my friends they would include attributes like hilarious. With great power comes great responsibility right?” -Megan S.

“My blonde hair! My mum always told me “people pay hundreds for hair that colour” so I have embraced it since day dot! (Although, since my hair was so fine I was bald until the age of 2!)” -Zanna V.

“I’ve always loved my eyes because my whole life I’ve been complimented on them, as they’re big and blue. It’s amazing how compliments and affirmations from others can boost your confidence, which is why if I like something of a strangers (an attribute or item of clothing) I always tell them.” -Ashley J.

Being stubborn. It has lead to my internal drive and strive to be determined.” -Jen G

“This is such an important question. I cherish my ability to be able to find connection with people. I think it’s so important to be able to find one thread of commonality between oneself and others – it’s these things that remind me that we are all connected.” –Susan A.

Your turn! What do you love about yourself?

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