Sometimes You Need to Let Things Go


Melissa Joy Kong

I think life happens in seasons.

Some seasons are for work. Some for adventure. Some for friendship. Some for love.

And some for letting go.

As with most seasons, the transition from one to another isn’t always necessarily apparent. But, there’s always that one day—the first hot day after a long winter; the first crisp fall morning after a hot summer; the first snow of the year; the first fully blossomed tree in the spring…there’s always a day when you can just feel the certain, subtle end of one season and beginning of another.

At least on a personal level, this feels like the start of the season of letting go.

It’s very possible to have limitless amounts of love and passion—but time and energy will always be finite resources. Naturally, if we are holding on to things we love and/or feel passionate about but must let go of, we are expending our limited time and energy on the inevitable dissipation of something.

So, there’s a choice, then…

Resist the inevitable, or let go with love.

Feel sharp pain now, or deeper pain later.

Which will you choose?

Letting go is an act of faith. Faith that you can strip away the net of comfort and still be caught when you fall. Faith in the things you can’t prove. Faith that your gut is leading you in the right direction. Faith that if you love something or someone, sometimes the best thing you can do is let it go.

If you’re thinking about letting go of someone or something, that probably means you need to. You must trust your gut about things like this.

No matter how much it hurts, how wrong it feels in your head or heart, or how much easier it is to choose the route of immediate pleasure over long-term values…you’ll know when it’s time to let go.

And when you finally make that decision, please know you’re not alone.

You’re not the first person on the planet who’s found a great love and lost it. Or found a dream job and got let go. Or started a company and had it fail.

There have been plenty others before you, and plenty more will come.

This is the thing about letting go—while almost always bittersweet and seemingly impossible, once you let go of the people and things that no longer belong in your life–either by choice or force—you create a whole lot of amazing space for exactly the right things to emerge in your life.

It’s kind of like throwing a party at a club—when you know Beyonce is coming and you try to fill the club with random people and bells and whistles so it would look full when she came. And then you know what happens? She shows up, takes one look, and turns around saying, “Nope, too crowded.”

If you want something magnificent, stop letting mediocre things take up your limited space and energy. If you want to find a great job, do indispensable work and find a team who fully love the work you do. If you want to find a great love, stop letting unavailable people take a piece of your heart. If you want to save to move to a new city, stop dropping $200 a weekend on drinks at bars.

Make decisions that align with who you are as a person, and how you deeply desire to spend your limited time and energy during your life.

This is the season of getting rid of anything that doesn’t serve me, fill me with love and joy, or feel—on a cellular level—like the ultimate right thing to do.

This is the season of letting go.

And all I can do while I’m in it is understand that letting go wouldn’t be necessary if I wasn’t clearing a space for bigger, more love-filled, more available opportunities to assume that space instead.

So, what will you let go of?

Get closure on making the incomplete, complete.

And then?

Just wait and see—magic happens when you let it.

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